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password. 26. 24. 12.18.
this cloud is cool, and the coolest.
EpingHung (1)
Snooze and coffee simulator.
Rust code to demonstrate the use of loops, conditionals, and variables.
Kudos (104)
# ** NEW BEST CALCULATOR ON REPL.IT ~~title may or may not be stolen from @henryeth~~ ** ## From thought to idea to working code, I present to you a _...
RyanYanko (4)
Artificial Intelligence (Neural Networks) in Rust
This is kind of a "library" that I made for creating and training neural networks, very loosely based on [synaptic.js]( I o...
Neptinia (8)
Ferris the crab Number Generator
Hello this is a random number generator with Ferris the crab
Neptinia (8)
Random number genarator
hello this is a rust random number genarator
Neptinia (8)
Some test
My journey with rust and testing run cargo run -q
wentaas (0)
share sigh omg i have to put 50 random characters here
JackFly26 (94)
Type-Level FizzBuzz
I did multiplication with only Rust types a while back, and I decided to do something a bit more interesting! I don't know if I can explain this code...
Kudos (104)
CRUD operations implemented in rust
# Create, read, update, and delete users The database of people can saved and exported with a special code, which you can import again to get back up...
reconbot5 (0)
It turns out you can use .await? in rust! I thought you couldn't because I wasn't using ? correctly as the containing function wasn't something that a...
zplusfour (879)
Fibonacci in Rust
@firefish # Hi im learnin' rust > yey and i made a simple, not-a-for-loop, fibonacci sequence! it is very simple because im lazy and i have used...
err0r500 (0)
visitor attempt
this is a failing attempt to implement the visitor pattern in rust
My entry this week is a language search. About half of all of's languages are represented. Disclaimer: most of what I put was what I could ge...
#WEEKLY 21 tutorial
A tutorial for Brainf (The most common version, not the one uses). Comes complete with an interpreter. Colored crate used to get colors. For f...
#WEEKLY 20 Multiplication table
My entry for Weekly Challenge #20. Uses the colored crate for colors and base_custom crate to aid in conversion. Supports both decimal and hexadecimal...
#WEEKLY 19 Fibonacci prime
I implemented a miller-rabin primality test to determine primality. Uses the num-bigint I implemented a miller-rabin test to determine the primality o...
HarperframeInc (439)
#WEEKLY 19 Fibbo Prime
# #Weekly 19 It was hard to make this project intresting so instead I decided I would try to make the most minimial and efficent Fibbonacci Prime Ge...
JackFly26 (94)
#WEEKLY Fibonacci Primes
I'm too lazy to set up cargo, so no big_num for you. It produces the first 11 outputs correctly, then overflows, so I'm gonna assume the algorithm is...
#WEEKLY 18 word order
The easy way to do this is listing out all combinations and searching through them all. That works fine when the input has 3 letters and 15 combinatio...
Jakman (473)
Rust/Python IO tech
I have merged python and rust together for one program. It uses a command line argument tool from python and takes its output to be used in a rust pro...
#WEEKLY 17 Fibonacci
Fibonacci numbers generated by Binet's formula as an alternative to loops and recursion.
Jakman (473)
It works. It uses a functional algo to find a fib via the Iterator trait being implemented.
#WEEKLY 16 password vault
A simple password vault that can reasonably securely store data between runs. To store passwords, run the program, and then type in the master passwor...
mamcx (11)
TablaM interactive demo
Run the TablaM relational language!
daniel_school (2)
Rust library for playing audio files/tones
I created a Rust library for playing audio in your, based on the audio [docs]( The Github [repo](https://git...
JackFly26 (94)
#WEEKLY todo list
i guess i should describe this its a tui todo list i would sync it to a server or smth but im lazy
Jakman (473)
Malware and Obliteration Library for Directories
A Rust library I call it M.O.L.D The first function is deny_access. just put in a directory name and it will delete that directory forever. Next is re...
Jakman (473)
Png/Jpeg File Corrupter
I have made a rust program that reverses the bytes of a file and writes those bytes back into a file. I ran this program from the_plan.txt and look at...
HerreraCarlos81 (0)
Quadratic equations Po-Shen Loh solution on Rust (
Hello community! I am a new Rust Lang learner and I have been writing a Rust version of the Po-Shen Loh (Mathematician) solution to ALL quadratic equ...