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mary_zatsepina (0)
Karaiders replace
Random numbers are chosen. Two big numbers are made, the smallest one and the biggest one. The modulus of their difference is calculated
robowolf (2)
It is an okay tool with some kinks. But overall I think it's good. Hope you enjoy.
hoop4life (1)
password hacker
a brute force password hacker enjoy please thank you and give me a like I never got one
hoop4life (1)
Letters in a word
Really simple code that tells you how many letters are in a word.
AlexanderTarn (6)
Just another RPG, nothing to see here if you have something else to do.
CodingAndMemes (0)
Loading examples [HELP!!! See the details for more]
A input, text based screens of loading, that recieves frequent updates ———————————HELP!!!———————————— my code is not working even though it is right!...
A program that is MEANT to check prices of an item on a website.
ChasingFlavors (1)
Geometry dash codes work, I mean, what? Thanks to @AwesomeJaden7 for the base and Easter egg codes but I added everything else, including like 50 if...
totoifasina (0)
Jogo da Forca
Tenho 15 anos, nao programo a muito tempo e meu conhecimento é limitado a apenas estrutura de repetiçao mas pretendo seguir com a programaçao como pr...
cooperjsutton (2)
The final project for html
This is the thing that i get 100 points for. I wonder if you read this part before you look at it to grade it
cooperjsutton (2)
Creature thing for my teachers class
Website about a weird creature thing I made
CodeSalvageON (23)
Small Text Adventure
Small text adventure I made last year in sixth grade.
25533 (0)
ik moet dit nog afmaken eindopdracht ik moet nog 9 zinnen
KristiyanD (0)
Riddle Game
This is a riddle game that is played in console because I was 11 years old and didn't know how to do anything else when I made it.
KristiyanD (0)
Turtle Stick Villager
My attempt to make a MineCraft stick villager with the pen tool in Turtle. This took like 20 minutes it's bad.
Martinmadurga (0)
my python work. first part, what is you're name? i need 50 characters sjkdskdjskjdksdjkjds
securethebags (23)
Card Matching Game! Fully animated
This is a card matching game I made using this video from web dev simplified as a reference ( and this one...
jyothirajyam (0)
Assessment Done
Hello Francesca, I am done with Assessment can you take a look and let me know. Thanks, Jyothi
NoR3gr3t (3)
Text-Based Game
Just a quick text-based game I made, first project in Python so don't expect to much. I can say that coming from java I don't like the lack of semicol...
markpowellqa (0)
Powell Python
I am not a Python programmer ...... I did the best I could ....
RavenFaherty (0)
DiGItaL Horse Racing
Race Horses, Bet Money, Get Rich, Beat The Game Made With : Python
OrangeFran (0)
Hey guys, I coded a small Tic-Tac-Toe game js. I recently picked the language and enjoyed it. Improvements are well appreciated! Enjoy.
haideralrowaije (0)
Assignment scheme #1
Extend the count.rkt program so that will count the number of elements in a list. Note: Scheme supports the length operator; do not use it for this ex...
JacksonSmith2 (0)
Supervised AI Learning Module
Includes: Two Supervised Learning AI Customizable names QuickMath Learning AI Co-Training Starting Brain How to Train the AI Individually by Tal...
JoshRupert1 (0)
Homework Game
An example of a text-based adventure game. Don't copy the code but use it for inspiration.
ZacharyWood (23)
My Python Work
This is pretty much all of my work (minus a few scripts) Enjoy!
BenjaminSMITH69 (0)
My Casino
This is a casino game. I will add more stuff later
tristangoossens (0)
Retro game Sokoban in Go!
I have recently made my finished sokoban in Go! repl is really helpful to build my project. For the source code check out my github repository: https...
ChloeOng (1)
Card Games (I need help)
It includes war and I'm working on BS. If anyone has any ideas on how I can code BS then please tell me.
SkyyCivil (36)
Who wants a friend?
Talk with your friend and play pokemon… LOL not finished