computerscie138 (0)
ball game
this is a project of a ball and paddle
MichaelMuniz1 (0)
Sophia and Sebastian Soccer teams
Dictionary practice using fake soccer teams
PorschaGarner (0)
Project 1 of Next Level Code
MichaelMuniz1 (0)
Sophia and Sebastians Soccer teams
Small console app to view some fake soccer teams, see their players, create new teams and update the teams/players
hobo1234 (0)
bmi lol
find out if ur obese leleleelelele omegALUL
Lockk (3)
My First C++
This is my first C++ program.
NimaSherpa3 (4)
Bank Log in, Sign up, Balance, Widraw money, put money etc..
THis is not DONE but it is done with the user log in, sign up, add money, I am too tired rn to continue I wanna do my thing too night ;) sooo enjoy th...
einarmagnus (1)
String splitting in javascript/typescript
The built-in doesn't work very well, but now I've made an implementation that I think is following the unicode spec
BobTheTomatoPie (1607)
Zombie Runner
# My First big p5.js project I have used p5.js before but never that much, this is my first big project using it! # How to play Use `WASD` to move ar...
HimikoYumeno (0)
Your Turn to Die Simulator
A simple text simulator based on the your turn to die series, with events, several unique deaths and assigned roles of keymaster, sage and sacrifice....
Nataleeism (0)
Assignment 1
For CS160 first project- A program that will calculate cupcake ingredients for a certain amount of people.
TylerCozzocrea (0)
A program for determining the chance of covid at an event.
syediqbal1 (0)
Ncs wiki
hello hello hello hello hello hello hello ![NCS](
luis1396 (0)
chapter 1 and 2 assignment
irneet (0)
Name- Irneet kaur Nsid- irk791 Student- 11257141 Instructor- Jeffrey Long Class - Copt 141
irneet (0)
name-Irneet kaur Nsid-irk791 student-11257141 Instructor- Jeffrey Long Class- cmpt141
BMI thaaaang
Yoooooo. I am chillin hard AF right now bois. Had to crank this lesson out right quick and shiiiiii. Y'all keep it real if you would like. If not then...
Ksidh1234 (0)
Processing Lists
Creator; Kesar Sidhu Created; 1/24/2021 Program Info; This program shows two lists, (one consisting of numbers only and the other that only includes...
omarzmahmud (0)
A-Level Project, designed in 2019 as part of the entrance summer homework.
JaceBillingsley (7)
Preset CSS Class's
This is a list of preset CSS classes I made to further help web developers. This will constantly be updated with new fonts, ideas, and common CSS styl...
BraedenDeGrazia (0)
Name and Age
Use this to have a cool code for your name and your age!
Josh4Lovelace (3)
4.4 Exercise A assignment for class, Created by Josh Lovelace.
BraedenDeGrazia (0)
First program!
This is my first program on Python. I am super excited to share it with you guys!
KrishyABob (7)
this is a bank yessir make an account
WilliamDavid7 (0)
Small Maze Game
a small project i made in about three hours.
muffinman12345 (24)
# How to play Guess a 4-digit number. A cow is a correct number in the correct place. A bull is a correct letter in the wrong place. Type ".py exit" t...
ItayElloul (0)
Knight Scape
Fun, strategic, 1v1 game. This game took hard work and determination and was coded using python. Enjoy!
Francksolitaire (0)
Permutation of floating numbers
// Franck /* a, b and c */
MaddieMiller1 (0)
Recipe Converter for Baklava Squares
Displays a recipe for Baklava Squares and can calculate the amount of ingredients needed based on how many servings you would like to make
KaylaAlmonte (0)
A guide to sustainable life