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mYn0mE1sJe77 (0)
Lebron James Calculator
Have you ever wondered how many LeBron James's tall are you? Now you can easily calculate it!
demidovpeter (0)
json to jsonl
JSON to JSONL plug. Change the content of 'my_file.json' and grab converted file
JamesHenderson4 (0)
Tip Calc
Used to calculate tips based on the percent of the day a server worked
JosephSanthosh (65)
Go and find out what Zodiac you are under?
runningskunk123 (2)
i copied this from my freind now it is the upraded caculater
play around with it if you want you caan copy the code if you want
dibento (0)
Faça um programa que peça ao usuário para digitar sua altura (em cm), leia o dado digitado e imprima o valor. Exiba o valor em metros, com duas casas...
penguin716 (0)
Super hard rock paper scissors game! Can you beat the Computer!
Rock Paper Scissors Game! Keep your score higher than the computer! How high can you get!? Super Hard! Good Luck!!!
DenizDraws (0)
Why the Tesla stock is a good buy
read my article if you dont believe me
grayson2020 (0)
scp anomolies
scps must be contained or there will defently be casualties.
Candy Crush
My first larger project. I tried to replicate the essence of candy crush but it isn't perfect. Also, check instructions to input custom characters....
potatojs (260)
this is tic-tac-toe yep it's 3D and yep it's the best t.t.t. ever!!!
hi this is 3D tic tac toe :| are you waiting me to explain the rules? Go and play it!
ShivenViddemari (0)
Working Python calculator
Hey! I created this basic python calculator that calculates the 4 primary operators, Enjoy! p.s feel free to modify it
globalelite2 (0)
for calculating things
it calculates stuff and things
PascalJardin (4)
sharing is caring! sweet
sharing is caring! sweet sharing is caring! sweet
Oliveiiraa (0)
Teste NodeMailer Gabriel Oliveira v1
Mrid12 (0)
3 Wishes!
This code causes the computer to generate a random integer between 1 and 10, giving the user three attempts to guess the integer. If the user's guess...
arps10 (1)
My trial website after learning CS50 Understanding Technology!
spikeball (1)
Want to add anything?!
I made a calculator on python. It can only add, but a better one is coming. Hang in there!!! SPIKEBALL
kingcharles (2)
TIC TAC TOE (Graphics)
Hi this is my second ever graphics game, and i really enjoy doing it. I hope you like it! p.s what should i put in these notes. thanks. edit: my ba...
nloew (1)
Quest Game
A game set in a medieval world where you are a brave knight on a quest to save a captive princess imprisoned in a castle tower by a dragon. Make the...
teja1024 (0)
and,or and about bool
i did as u said the above bool programm but its showing error ![python](
AnnieTan015084 (0)
Cannon Turtle
GoofyGus (21)
Human vs. Robot v2.0
New and updated. Human vs. Robot. Press enter to play.
mksalem2024 (4)
Modern website HTML5 & CSS3
Thoughts? liked it? upvote. Disliked it? upvote or do whatever you want. I suggest you check it out in fullscreen. Oh yeah and it isn't responsive so...
dstewart22 (0)
this is a quiz about things and stuff
ComputingSquid (4)
[This repl is for my Discord server] I made a repl for my discord server.
I made this repl. I worked hard. This is still in development. I'm just posting it now. I used MDN and w3schools for this. Credits included. ##### You...
Duvangamer3845 (19)
minecraft:you attacked me?(discontinued)
because the last post of the second beta of this project not reach the necessary comments,this project has been discontiued,thanks for all support the...
Duvangamer3845 (19)
minecraft: you attacked me?(discontinued)
because the ast post not reach the 5 comments to make the third part,this project has been discontinued,thanks
MsBall (1)
Find the overall average of your marks in five subject areas.
mksalem2024 (4)
Python calculator 2.0
The same basic calculator but improved because it's 2.0 so it must be improved. But on a serious note, the first one had some problems so I decided to...