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west (13)
Multiplayer Game Powered by my Simple Message Service
I decided I wanted to make it easier for new programmers to make multiplayer games. So I wrote a REST service that is designed to be interfaced with b...
KobeFF (1)
What should I add?
Hi! My name is Kobe, and I created this game called War of Worlds using __Ruby__. what else should I add? *Note: I am only 1/2 way through this game...
Do you wanna solve a quadratic equation???
Just type in the coefficients/constants and voila, you have the roots!
Envergado (0)
# та же херня: # File "jailed_code", line 15, in <module> # previous_item = item # NameError: name 'item' is not defined # item определен после...
allamim (0)
there is no concept of polymorphism in C. Polymorphism is a property of Object Oriented Programming, but we can emulates the same idea by using func...
allamim (0)
C language is procedural, not Object Oriented Programming, C does not have generic template likeC ++ or java but does have void * and that's the way w...
lindazou (0)
Sharing environment
Good afternoon, I hope you all had a nice long weekend. I am sharing the environment with classmate(s) and professor, as part of the homewor...
ganeshaTPC (1)
Python 3 shell
Nice interpreter and Download Git for installs.
IreoluwaRaufu (121)
Shiritori Word Game (v1.0.0)!!!
The (almost) final version of the Shiritori Game that I have had in development for the past 3 weeks now! This version includes a difficulty scaler a...
GrantMagnabosco (0)
Last Week of School Project
this a very cool project that is being sent to @AustinMorrow
TylerSykes94 (0)
Hello World
Complicated Hello World By Tyler
JorgeCatherine (0)
Fake Human Typing
Very bloated, decided to add meaningless features like """linear interpolation""".
JorgeCatherine (0)
Convert hexadecimal to decimal. Easy to break but I'm too lazy to fix the errors. Uppercase letters only.
swimmer1 (0)
Yoy what’s up guys coding has been really fun for me lately
TaylorLiang (547)
Repl IRC
A IRC made in python. (please dont call me a IRC-Boomer). It has the following features: - Channel creation - Account creation (ask to be mod) - Send...
daysant1144 (0)
Inconsistent program
I was just messing around on brainf* and put in brackets everywhere. I ran it. I created this on accident. I tried on several interpreters. On
RobertFurr (39)
Completely Random Game
Completely randomized game. See how many days you can go without running out of energy!
JordanDixon1 (226)
File Saving Example
This is an example of saving a file to a specific directory.
my favorite sites
they are super awesome and i enjoy going on them and seeing fan art of pokemon
boki77 (4)
morse code translater
Turns words in to morse code. It is useful and wery simple.
alramosro (0)
Carta de Presentación, By: Alba Ramos Roque For: MiguelBacallado
gernegross (0)
I will help you much in programming-things. Just tell me if you need help on this site:
TurtleAndrew (27)
A Platformer
Play this work in progress platformer made in node js using symbles.
TurtleAndrew (27)
Coin Flip
Flip a coin and gamble off all your money. You can also what the coin flip to see your fate. Hope you enjoy this small project of mine.
AHulot (21)
Hi, I am making a new game using Python called CORRUPTION where you play as a secret agent! I just started working on this recently, any feedback or n...
Miner36number2 (3)
Ruby is the best!
Ruby is the best! Ruby is the best! Ruby is the best! Ruby is the best!
nN34398Ff (0)
Pohkehmohn: Multiples
In this pohkehmohn variation, you are allowed more than one pohkehmohn. I'm still working on it, but right now, to make it work, go the file a...
TimmyTrainer (0)
Draw with Random Colored Circles!
Click and drag to draw. Drag quickly to make the circles further apart and drag slower to make the circles closer together. ## __`Note: I did not make...
Andi_Chin (53)
Python3 interpreter
I poured my heart and soul into this program. It literally took me hundreds of seconds to build this modern python interpreter plz upvote I have a fam...
devcar80 (0)
Python Login System
I made this little login system in python. If you have any suggestions or see any issues please let me know!