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AdityaGole (1)
I have created a web page foy my resume.
HerbertRichard (0)
for e range
Feito por: Herbert Richard, melhor aluno.
DJANGO - Todo App Using Materialized CSS
Hi, I made a simple Django Todo list App using the materialized CSS framework. Hope You enjoy it :) But anyone, can come and delete the todo. Or m...
mendonaarav (0)
J is for Java
MarcusWeinberger (248) - Update! Share and publish notes/websites
# New Update - Now you can [view a list of public links]( and publish your own! Share the link with anyone an...
matthewproskils (308)
Javascript Text To Ascii
There's already a FIGlet in python, so i created one in javascript.Import is using: ``` const write = require('./other.js') ``` and use it using ``` w...
MiaJerphagnon (0)
Choose Your DECA Event!
A helpful quiz to determine a list of DECA events that you will most likely be interested in. Coded by Mia Jerphagnon for Portola Business.
TheUnkown (1)
Tempretur Converter
This is my second projet using the Go language It can: + Convert Farenheit to Celcius - Convert Celsius to Fahrenheit * and quit(of course)
MiaJerphagnon (0)
Choose Your FBLA Event!!
A helpful quiz to determine a list of FBLA events that you will most likely be interested in. Coded by Mia Jerphagnon for Portola Business.
Leroy01010 (69)
wait for it wait for it 3 hour later ============= wwwwaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiitttttt 24 hours later =============== don't bother done ==== i missed it!!...
WyattKinzer (2)
ITS an learning ai it will learn to talk with conversations. it will repeat what ever you say at the beginning. Dont give up. it will get to meaningfu...
userSM (16)
Randomised gradient generator
Just press the button to create a new gradient
userSM (16)
Chicken spammer
Spam slowly for what I think is an Easter egg.
LilWolfy (16)
Some weird button thingy
just press it NOW. thanks to @DynamicSquid ![Uploading B0201C74-58F3-457F-A9D8-AE7EE809F7CC.gif...]()
BrownieBoi (27)
There's and easy way...and a hard way
This is pretty much me just goofing around with giant variables.
LilWolfy (16)
Password Generator
Thanks to @DynamicSquid. This program just generates a password
LilWolfy (16)
Search Engine (TOOK FOREVER)
Thanks to @DynamicSquid and @agent2009 and @Coder100 for their support
RORO1200 (1)
Rate this
this is my 1st program with GUI i usually run it at PyCharm cuz it's faster i know every 1st isn't perfect if you see any faults, bad codes, etc tel...
Ravens0606 (24)
Flame: Media Homepage!
Homepage for my sciFire web browser and Blaze: Social Media! Credit to @rjlevy for layout!
Snowytrack (13)
Search Engine!
# Search Engine! **A long time ago,** I made myself a that was a Search Engine. However, that was a test, and it sucked pretty badly. _...
anushkarpunjabi (0)
My Hangman Project
Hey everyone! I hope ya'll are staying safe! I have completed a python course in the past, and I thought it was time to share my final project that I...
ColeGorski (0)
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Duvangamer3845 (41)
A social media(as a minipost)
# This is the social media of my website now you can share your interesting # The classic page my website,this is a repost
ferexydella (0)
Ubot session
serve a chi non riesce a crearlo
TheUnkown (1)
This my first Golang project. This ~~complicated~~ basic program could + add two numbers - subtract two numbers * multiply two numbers + divides two...
userSM (16)
Mini gallery of random things
I had some random pictures on my PC from my design unit homework in school, and decided to make a mini gallery. PS-I didn't have a picture of Michael...
JustinLee45 (0)
Horscopes App - Justin Lee
Horscopes App Week 3 Homework
AyushmanPranav (4)
deque data structures deque program appending and poping
AyushmanPranav (4)
data structures and deque structures
AyushmanPranav (4)
bmi body mass index weight to be lost or gained