bkpag222staugs (0)
multiplication table app
This app is used to find out any type of number's multiplication table. You can also find out the multiplication table of any decimal number too! clic...
bkpag222staugs (0)
you can find any number's multiplication table by this app
This app is used to find any type of number's multiplication table. You can also find the multiplication table of any decimal number too!
doineednumbers (21)
I love C
This is not cursed, nor is it a rickroll in any way - V
AinaPhakhruddin (0)
Homework 2
everything but the number inputs
TheRealCalicoCa (2)
Donut Thingy
Donut shaped code generates 3d donut.
TheRealCalicoCa (2)
Donut Thingy
Donut Shaped 3d Donut Code!
MohamedAttia (0)
My first work
#include <stdio.h> int main(void) { printf("Thank you gammal tech"); }
yaelka (0)
quiz 2C for intro to compsci
LoganSt2 (0)
number guessing game epic please use
c code here #include <stdio.h> int main(void) { int secretNumber = 7; int guessLimit = 3; int guessCount = 0; int guess; int outOfguesses...
MaJerle (0)
LwGPS test with GPRMC from Quectel
LwGPS demo with Quectel GPRMC output
dev1521 (0)
files are better than udrefnjf fbsiudc cbgiad audfh
WolfmicioYT (1)
Squawk code generator
This program generates squawk codes. USE FOR FLIGHT SIMULATION ONLY
Firesean (1)
Character Values
Upon running, the program displays characters with their respective values, hex, and octal values.
dayshafreeman (0)
Kingman AZ Fast Food Picker
This Program written in the C language will help you decide what you want for fast food in Kingman, Arizona. If you do not like your choice keep tryi...
dayshafreeman (0)
Kingman AZ Fast Food Picker
this app picks a lunch choice for you if you can't make up your mind if you don't like the choice then you can try again unlimited. Exited out of the...
KoSPrograming (0)
Rubix cube Solver
Keep in mind that this code will drastically change between now and the final product. This code was designed to be done as fast as possible with litt...
gameprogammer (1)
Fruit ninja
This is another game i created the controls are simple you just have to hover your cursor over the flying fruits to slice them.The game is kinda full...
HardDanu (0)
Program biaya parkir
Ujian kelas TICA membuat program biaya parkir
LouisLapointe1 (0)
Queue Dynamic
Queue comme l'autre mais en malloc
dancoder99 (0)
Magic Matrix detector
Enter N for your NxN matrix, fill your data, detect if its a magic matrix or not
ch1ck3n (1263)
A donut shaped code makes an actual donut shaped ascii animation
I just randomly found this [here](https://www.a1k0n.net/2011/07/20/donut-math.html) I just thought it was cool and wanted to show it. I take no cred...
BlazeRyder (1)
Caesar's Cipher
Decrypts a txt file that is in caesar's cipher if you have the correct key/shift.
ShekeinaPoleneP (1)
Comp final peta programming1 shekeina aglibut
tmari (1)
1. Print the word with odd letters as P M R A O R G O R R A P M
Clasifica la calificación es calificación americana
journeehud (1)
A C program that calculates the mileage reimbursement.
McahitYcel (0)
iki sayı arasındaki sayıların toplamı
girdiğiniz sayıların arasındaki sayıları toplar
CoryAustin1 (0)
CPS125 - Feb 11
In class coding along with CPS125 lectures for Friday, February 11, 2021
omarhdf (0)
it allows you to calcul the sum of numbers betwen two numbers you entered
i found this exercice in a site , and then i decided to do it . So the exercice said that i shoul tap two numbers and the program is going to calcul...
ameenpathayil (0)
ss lab exam fcfs
my ss lab exam fcfs program