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RamiroArango (0)
Primer Programa
Popular Hola mundo en lenguaje C
targetfanttthat (89)
Update on my Porting Application
## Quick Note.. _Yes. I am working on the Brew Programming Language still. It is just I am taking a bit of a break from coding as I have just gotten h...
GetlioPereira (0)
Arvore Binaria
Exemplo de implementacao de arvore binaria
targetfanttthat (89)
A little challenge
**_BEFORE_** anyone post a comment saying "should be posted in challenge"..I want to make it **VERY** clear that the _challenge_ part of repl talk see...
bonicapatterson (0)
Finding the bug in this code
targetfanttthat (89)
Porting Application
So. This is a C project I have been thinking about this whole week. I will try my best to explain it. So, basically, this project will have 4 dimens...
GetlioPereira (0)
Exemplos de funções recursivas em C-ANSI
Implementação de funções recursivas diretas e indiretas.
targetfanttthat (89)
Progress Update on the Brew Programming Language(BPL) #1
So, I thought I'd post a "Progress" update every now and then on how the language is coming along as a whole. Within the past month(or 2) that I have...
PremS (0)
C to F
/* Program : Convert temperature from C to F Input : C (float) คือ อุณหภูมิในหน่วยเซลเซียส Output : F (float) คือ อุณหภูมิในหน่วยฟาเรนไฮต์ */ #include...
7outofBLIP (4)
My Game in Progress
It's a game I made, use WASD to move. You have to press enter after every one of your moves (I didn't know how to use getchar() in C). It's still a wo...
targetfanttthat (89)
Brew programming language update #10(String Decorators)
Ok. I had to post, been 3 days :) So, I added in a little stuff. Brand keyword is being worked on. It is a pain in the butt because the brand keyword...
LucianoTrujillo (0)
Pseudo random path maker in C
Pseudo random path maker in C
LE123 (0)
This is about reversing and Finding the resultant array
MauricioMonteir (0)
# Testando códigos Este projeto é apenas para realizar testes com os alunos.
kobanina (0)
В холле ИРНИТУ (плоском зале) установлено множество wi-fi точек доступа (больше 2). Необходимо найти координаты wi-fi-точки в зале, которая отстоит от...
targetfanttthat (89)
Update on the Brew programming language #9(String Decorators)
Added in a few new syntax and features. *_Sadly, I haven't gotten to any of the brand syntax yet. But I am planning on done that when I am doing with...
targetfanttthat (89)
BPL update #9(String Decorators)
So, I removed the whole idea of printFirst. Instead, I added in keywords END, Wrap, breaks and quotes as well as \n and \0 for strings. The breaks...
targetfanttthat (89)
Update on the Brew programming language #8
Added in string decorators. Basically, if you want to decorate your string with certain ideals you add a set of curly braces at the end of the string...
targetfanttthat (89)
Quick update #7 on my programming language
Thank you @TheForArkLD for the suggestion to do this! Yes, this was straight from documentation. I didn't quite understand how SEEK_END, SEEK_CUR and...
targetfanttthat (89)
Update #6 on the BPL project
Yes, that is right, I named it BPL(Brew Programming Language). I love coffee, so I named the language Brew since I love the sound of coffee brewing :)...
mvillalobos9 (1)
Lab 2
C program to calculate Current with ohm's law
SantiagoQuinde1 (0)
<iframe height="400px" width="100%" src="" scrolling="no" frameborder="no" allowtranspa...
targetfanttthat (89)
Programming Language Name
Ok, so, I have been calling it .sl(Simple lang) recently, but I don't like the name. I thought of .mep(Modern Easy Programming), .es(Easy Script) and...
GautamSinha (0)
it performs HCF of two numbers in C.
IOgame (1)
Prime Number Checker
Check your prime numbers here with my C prime number checker.
targetfanttthat (89)
Programming language update #5
The brand keyword is now a thing! Pro: It Con: There is very very strict syntax: As of right now, I have made it to where the syntax looks...
vikramfugro (0)
derive struct ptr from a field ptr
targetfanttthat (89)
Update #4(On my new language)
The language is now strictly type written, meaning if you have type S with a value 50 it gives an error, or if you have type C(char) with more than 1...
annieclu (0)
average vs delta many walkers
this generates data for average exit times for a follow with multiple walkers and random walk
awesome10 (194)
This is my first C project (i just learned all the c's, C++ C# and C for fun) and its kind of bad