LukaszJarzabek (0)
#include <iostream> #include <locale.h> using namespace std; int main() { setlocale(LC_CTYPE, "Polish"); int a,b; cout<<"Podaj a: ";...
tr29038 (0)
Coffee Shop Application
/*Algorithm WHILE NOT quit sentinel: Prompt user with main menu and options IF buyCoffee is selected: WHILE NOT quit sentinel: Prompt us...
xavierbeltran02 (0)
Lab 1 Part 1
Using 'for' loop to display "Hello World!" five times.
xavierbeltran02 (0)
Lab 1 Part 2
Using cin<< to ask user to input number of times to repeat "Hello World"
xavierbeltran02 (0)
Lab 1 Part 1
Part 1 of Lab 1: Display "Hello World" five times using 'for' loop
BennySmall (0)
Air Craft Decision Tree for C++ programming course.
YassinSaeed1 (0)
sum of even numbers 0-n recursive
parthivjs124 (0)
BPA State CPP - do cipher shifts with key, decrypt and encrypt
BryceHart (0)
Acurcalc 2.0.0
its a calculator for early on schoolwork like 3-6 (keep in mind this was made by a 12 year old)
BryceHart (0)
Acurcalc 2.0.0
it's a calculator for early on schoolwork like 3-6
JoshWannaPaas (0)
Numerical Lover Group 1
By Joshua Paas and Victor Lopez-klein
awesome091 (1)
The longest c++ list
this is the longest list in c++ . And I am not kidding . (I also fixed a glitch to make it shorter )
EricGemeinhart (1)
segmentation fault, just kidding
i missed a letter anyway cool thanks bye
NeilDighe (0)
Assignment 2 - Chapter 5
This is my first attempt on Assignment 2
RicardoLeguizam (0)
Binary Search Tree
Binary Search Tree for CISP430 Spring 2021
JoshuaXiao (0)
# Skewedness Checker Calculates mean, median, sample standard deviation, Pearson's Index (PI), and skewedness of data values.
JacobMcPherson1 (99)
C++ thing
It just checks if you put the same name
JacobMcPherson1 (99)
FizzBuzz in c++
The sixth language ive done fizzbuzz i
EricGemeinhart (1)
Rcyvtub c5rrvtybu fun y. T t. T
BryceHart (0)
Its a division calculator that tells you remainders so good for a lot of early on schoolwork. I plan on making it with more types of operators so it w...
ColeParsons1 (0)
Practice for 215
A cpp file to reverse an array that contains a phrase or word
lukaszlechert (0)
L002- Variables and visibilities
L002- Variables and visibilities, example in C++ language
offplanet0 (0)
MCSniperPY Delay Calculator
A simple calculator for MCSniperPY's delay. Press the play button, and go to the black command line to enter your data in.
infantejose97 (1)
Lab 5
In this lab you’ll create a Stack using linked lists. To do this the class Stack has declared some useful variables, pointers, functions, and the clas...
Lgp13lgp13 (0)
Caixa eletronico
Trabalho 01 Programação 1 UFES-Alegre
Arifhtml (0)
Realtime Chat Application using PHP with MySQL & JavaScript Ajax.
Hey friends, today in this blog you'll learn how to create a Realtime Chat Web Application using PHP with MySQL & JavaScript Ajax. Earlier I have shar...
Jaedenr (0)
Find sub words Pa3P3
Program made to find subwords from user inputted word in text file "words.txt".
Jaedenr (0)
Fill grid Pa3p1
Fills 2d array with letters based on randomly generated index.
Jaedenr (0)
Password checker, Pa3p2
Asks user to enter a password, gives them five attempts to enter a valid one before closing. For each attempt, the program tells the user what they ne...
technicallyty (0)
C++ Lexical Analyzer
This program implements a simple lexical analyzer for a college compiler class. It recognizes simple operators, separators, and a set of keywords. sim...