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timmy_i_chen (962)
Rules for Posting - Read me!
Some rules and guidelines to keep in mind as you share your great work on our boards: 1 - Be kind and courteous to others 2 - Make sure that any feed...
etian (8)
welcome to bruh simulator a
nicholascamacho (0)
dungeons and dragons the not board game
the famous d&d that we all know and love. so much that its included in stranger things. i have been inspired not only by the game but also trashblash....
KaushikMahesh (1)
Heron's Formula
Find the area of a triangle with just its 3 sides!
RipHanSolo (0)
Learning C++, built this pretty boring slot machine game to practice.
I'm trying to learn how to structure my code better. Just make it more readable and not as confusing for people, and also myself. Any advice would be...
RobertFurr (25)
Trouble with input
So I wanted to code a program that would do scientific notation and when I got to the a*10^b the endl could not be identified. Could someone tell me w...
JoshuaGreen6 (0)
Football positions
Can anyone tell me what is wrong with this code? I've been asking other people but they couldn't figure it out. I'm just trying to learn how to use c...
ToddInglis (1)
gamer test
see if ur a true gamer or a pleb aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
jenriquem1998 (2)
A test to see how can this website be used to enhance the learning experience for a class I am in and I shall attempt to reach 50 characters by the en...
joekadaj (0)
Char Counter Function
trying to create a function to count how many letters a string has, but can work out the function call in the main or to pass the value from the strin...
Daniel_Campos (3)
hi this is my thing im new and i thought that this was cool
Helensusi12 (0)
Programa que detecta los múltiplos de 3 y 2,al escribir un número
Helensusi12 (0)
Relacion de ejercicios(2)
Escribe un programa que lea tres números y muestre el mayor por pantalla.
Helensusi12 (0)
Relación de ejercicios(1
Escribe un programa que lea dos números y muestre el mayor por pantalla.
jpstoner (1)
Factorial loop
loops including the fibanucci sequence in the second phrase
AbdullahAlazza1 (0)
hello majdi can you help me with this project please
zax2 (0)
hello boys its me taha ebrahim and this is my working prefix sum thing
SushilKumar9 (0)
Addition Of two Matrix
Here I am doing Addition of Two matrix in a easy way may u can understand it easily.
Dogdin (13)
Blackjack, Except It Isn't Fun C++
This was for a quiz on
BryceCutler (0)
plinko lab cs 142 BYU lab 4 Peer Programming Must be done in pairs, submitted to zybooks online.
ofhyrule (0)
2nd degree equations roots
this code gets the roots from a 2nd degree equation
rayreynoso (0)
New to Programming...Struggle is real
I'm trying to do this is for the past 12 hours. I learn by example if I can see the right way to do it. ![Ch 4] (
Dogdin (13)
Pascal's Triangle C++
This program calculates Pascal's Triangle to a certain level.
WahyuPujiyono (0)
Belajar Array Statis
mari belajar .... Belajar Array Statis, Step by step from scratch ya.
TrashBlash (33)
Dungeon Challenge
Fight your way through multiple bosses. Includes a stat page, multiple classes, secret characters, and interesting challenges to overcome! I update as...
twidget888 (0)
classwork part b
#include using namespace std; #include int main() { int stop = 0; int start = 0; int number = 0; int total = 0; cout > start; cout > stop;...
TrocheJacob (4)
hi everyone if you want to learn about passwords here it is.... nope its click bait!!!
DeyvidFG (0)
Calcular Média Escolar
Programa que calcula a média aritmética de quatro notas e informar se o aluno foi aprovado. Alunos com média menor do que 7.0 estão reprovados.
Fl0at3r (0)
I'm a beginner in C++ and trying out new things like vectors, arrays etc.
etian (8)
Try to "I fixed up you code" this.
So i got tired of people saying "i organized your code," helpful.. but tiring.
KeaganLandfried (10)
Random Phone Number Generator
Just wanted to share my random phone number generator. I made it for Programming 1 in high school.