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Giothecoder (114)
If anyone was wondering, I finished my tutorial on polymorphism for C++ in the learn section of Also. I have this random repl that does... so...
tluszczyk (13)
0-9 simple digit recognition
# DIGIT RECOGNITION It ain't much, but it's honest work
Highwayman (617)
For those of you who feel like being excessive. Have fun. This thing is literally 16 GIGS
A simple text adventure game
A simple adventure game . In this health goes down and up according to the user input
epicman702 (69)
I'm learning C++
Hey guys I just started to learn C++ check out the code for more info! For when it asks you for a name, PLEASE DO NOT PUT ANY SPACES! It also works...
AaliyahIman (0)
Zombie War
This is for a final group project. Fight off the diseased Zombies.
SPQR (479)
First Person view [FPS Engine] in the console (C++)
This code was largely written by [Javidx9 / OneLoneCoder] ( for Windows. As of this post I have ported it to Unix/ and...
nateboii4231 (0)
Binary Search Tree This program will fill in chartacters intpo a binary search tree and
Daniel_Campos (11)
The lottery!! (99% of people can't win) NOT CLICK BAIT
Play this amazing lottery game and see if you can win!
Giothecoder (114)
I’m trying to make a game in c++ and I’ve literally never done this before, so I was wondering if anyone else would want to stumble along blindly with...
Highwayman (617)
![B0201127-3D96-4488-B95C-9A636FDF013D]( Just thought...
SPQR (479)
Reflection in C++11
C++ does not natively support reflection (getting a reference to an object or function by its name in a string), so I made a header file which can (to...
Reonard (0)
good result
i already finish your project perfectly in 4hours. you can test it. you can't copy it. you can test in here. good result
JustinWu (0)
Inspired by the Roguelike 2D from Unity. Any suggestions or advice?
selimyalcinkaya (0)
Ben yaptım :D :D
bak şimdi kodu öyle güzel yazdım ki baştan aşağı şaheser yani :D
JavierMacias (2)
Text Story adventure
A program that i might have gone a little bit too far with it, didnt have much time but here is what i could do in a week.
EricVolotao (0)
Encrypts text files and/or Decrypts it
I implemented the Simple Encryption that is present in the book ''C++ Early Objects'' and I solved the Problem 4 called Flexible Encryption. On the le...
Highwayman (617)
Exploiting the system() function
That’s right. It’s literally just a bash interpreter now. :) I think. Sorry not interpreter, it just hands it to the shell - still cool though
PasAdam (10)
Alternative to getch(); in <conio.h>
this is the error message when you try to add <conio.h> to your code... -------------------------------------------- main.cpp:3:10: fatal error: 'con...
PasAdam (10)
Flash piano ϟ
I created a program to learn piano and I want to make it shorter. Here is it :
PasAdam (10)
faster loading screen
Try to make the loading faster and send your code to: [email protected]
SebastianOuelle (0)
I created Minesweeper in C++ in the console :)
This was a project I worked on in my spare time in CS class (high school). I added win detection, and lose detection too, which is cool. Try it out an...
AlexHung1 (0)
some code snippets for testing subjects, duit_subject_t, and duit_config_t
Highwayman (617)
Hash Table
It’s cool, I swear....
SPQR (479)
Procedural dungeon exploration in the console using C++
A sneak peek at my current project. Current features: -non-blocking unbuffered console I/O -`Display` class to handle treating console as a screen an...
JamesHu1 (0)
James Hu
#include <iostream>//we included iostream #include <iomanip>//we included iomanip #include <string>//we included string using namespace std;//shortha...
SPQR (479)
Support for wide characters on
I'm trying to make a console game which utilizes wide characters to create the environment, however it seems that unfortunately does not suppo...
mwilki7 (768)
SoftCPU - Assembly Programming
Ever wanted to write an assembly program on repl? Now you can do it with this program! An 8 MB file is used as memory and a place for the instruction...
CowNationz (45)
C++ Keyboard InputManager v1.0.0
This expands on @SPQR 's 'NON BLOCKING UNBUFFERED CONSOLE INPUT in C'. This is used to be able to whitelist and blacklist certain keys from being outp...
Highwayman (617)
A List! Yay!
The last two post of mine (including this one) are of old things so I didn’t really have anything else to do with them, seeing as they are both stl c...