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Rules for Posting - Read me!
Some rules and guidelines to keep in mind as you share your great work on our boards: 1 - Be kind and courteous to others 2 - Make sure that any feed
CowNationz (40)
EZInput - Restrictive Console Input Functions
Tired of handling and stressing about edge cases with std::cin? Well worry no more. With EZInput, it does all the work for you. EZInput uses InputMana
Highwayman (16)
Hash Table
It’s cool, I swear.
SPQR (382)
Procedural dungeon exploration in the console using C++
A sneak peek at my current project. Current features: -non-blocking unbuffered console I/O -Display class to handle treating console as a screen and
JamesHu1 (0)
James Hu
#include //we included iostream #include //we included iomanip #include //we included string using namespace std;//shorthand for std;; int main() {
Highwayman (16)
Swap function
I am very proud of my pointer magic ☺️ ................................................................ Edit: um. Doesn’t work
SPQR (382)
Support for wide characters on
I'm trying to make a console game which utilizes wide characters to create the environment, however it seems that unfortunately does not suppo
mwilki7 (203)
SoftCPU - Assembly Programming
Ever wanted to write an assembly program on repl? Now you can do it with this program! An 8 MB file is used as memory and a place for the instruction
CowNationz (40)
C++ Keyboard InputManager v1.0.0
This expands on @SPQR 's 'NON BLOCKING UNBUFFERED CONSOLE INPUT in C'. This is used to be able to whitelist and blacklist certain keys from being outp
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A List! Yay!
The last two post of mine (including this one) are of old things so I didn’t really have anything else to do with them, seeing as they are both stl c
Highwayman (16)
It’s a Map! 😜
Because why not. So that I meet character count -> (Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah)
SPQR (382)
Console input which runs in parallel to the rest of the program (and for which pressing Enter isn't necessary) via CPU threading. Just a proof of con
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Slow program, missing newlines
I do live coding of LeetCode questions using Recently, when I was running a simple pice of C++ code, the program did not finish running as i
YipCubed (6)
[C++] Live Coding - Merge Two Sorted Lists - LeetCode
[C++] Merge Two Sorted Lists - LeetCode Planning to stream Monday/Friday 7:30am (Los Angeles time, GMT - 7) Join me
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Cost Predictor V1
Intro Hey guys, it's me ProgrammerAI. My mom (check the bio on my profile) proposed me to make a program that predicts the price of a house in a perio
Edgod (58)
The Best Way To Code (Joke)
How to write code in the most cursed way. Using C++, I've renamed every token and keyword necessary to print "Hello, World!\n" using different variati
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please try to change a bit of this code. I just time to go back all this. if you don't change in some way we will refuse to give to you credit for
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Project 0x01
some random stuff i did
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assignment 3 v1
assignment 3
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Task 2 Coursework 3
Anagram Solver Challenge
faheemk (0)
Task 1 Coursework 3
C++ String Manipulation Challenge
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A guitar program
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Letzte Unterricht
AmanuelH (0)
#include // PROBLEM // Given a string, find the first character that appears only once in the string and return it's index. // If no such character e
AmanuelH (0)
Reverse Number
#include "test.hpp" #include int Solution::reverse(int inVal) { int reverseNum=0, remainder; while(inVal!=0){ remainder=inVal%10; reverseNum
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guess the number!
just a guess the number
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student report card
SPQR (382)
They've done it, everyone. You can now use ncurses on replit via the shell.
The team made some changes to the compiler this morning. You can now compile via clang if you use the shell (accessible via the command palett
SPQR (382)
Scipio's Pseudographics Game Engine (C++)
I'm in the process of making this game engine for top-down pseudographics games in the console. I shall make update posts as I make large, notable de
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Enter Two Numbers
Enter Two Numbers