ZachariahJudd (20)
Day 2 of my conquest to become to best deno coder on! Today's topic: Switch Statements
Following along on my journey to become the best deno coder on i have created a basic command line calculator using things i learned in deno....
ZachariahJudd (20)
Day 1 of my conquest to become to best deno coder on
I made a simple input output sequence in deno to learn how to take user input and use it to control a output.
einarmagnus (1)
String splitting in javascript/typescript
The built-in doesn't work very well, but now I've made an implementation that I think is following the unicode spec
einarmagnus (1)
javascript string splitting
javascript does the wrong thing
darknew (29)
Theboys619 (60)
Express for Deno (kool)
NOTE: There are other modules better like 'oak' but I just wanted to try and create one anyway. This probably isn't the best lookin' code you might h...
ahdinosaur (0)
circular computed-types
an example using computed-types with a circular type
xxpertHacker (774)
#WEEKLY #5 Weirdest looking code you'll see
My submission for the weekly #5 challenge, done in Deno, probably would've been easier if it had been done in C++ instead, but hey, `¯\_(ツ)_/¯`, it's...
darknew (29)
Well, here is my weekly submission. But let me tell you its story : Because I wanted to learn Deno, I made it in Deno : I started regretting just an h...