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XabierLarraaga (0)
Code to identify if prime or not(and dividers)
That code can tell you if your number is prime or not and if it isn´t it tells you it´s dividers.
SiddarthSircar (0)
Try this for yourself. I hope you like it; this program uses a two dimensional array and traversal.
serenok2005 (0)
if(num5 > 100000){ System.out.println("Print num7:"); num7 = reader.nextInt(); for(int i = 0 ; i < num7 ; i++){ Syst...
DanielSheldon (1)
Powerball Lottery!
The chances of getting a one in this program are about the same as winning the jackpot for the Powerball Lottery. It's simple code, but I'm curious if...
HelenColly (0)
Accounting homework help
Accounting assignments that you receive from, ![image](
vicentenoriega (0)
vicente noriega
vicente noriega vicente noriega vicente noriega vicente noriega noriega
JuanLeonardoLeo (0)
import java.util.Scanner; class Main { public static void main(String[] args) { System.out.println("Hello world!"); String Nombre;...
CheyenneValderr (0) Practice
Written by Adrian Campbell Tested by Cheyenne Valderrama
MrPerson01 (126)
Print to Prunt but in Java
I am learning Java, and I figured I would remake my Print to Prunt in Java.
Bubblebox707 (0)
House Robber
This is code for a standard DP code (in java) for a max revenue robber question.
RyanMiles1 (0)
Hello phaser
Coding for 1-4 game code tutorials
AzizcanYaln (0)
Palindromic Date Calculator
Suitable for all standarts Also we can calculate previous dates.
LucasOstrander (0)
Math Equations
Takes input of user and solves math equations involving those numbers. This is my first project, please give me feedback or ideas to expand or create...
Warhawk947 (229)
Im bad at Java oof
A project I made for school. How did this get so many upvotes thanks guys cheers, warhawk947
khubbuuu (0)
print square
public class HelloWorld{ public static void main(String []args){ int[] arr={1,7,9,12}; task2 obj=new task2(); for(int i=0;i<arr.length;...
DennisXia (0)
Break my game please. Within 1000000 days. Max cash values are bugged since i used ints. Please ignore current bug i'm working on those.
ConorJosephJose (0)
House or Rocket??
Dream Rocket House. This has to be at least 50 characters so I am just typing words out to meet this requirement.
oblivioussnake (0)
Statistics Model Calculator
This is a little program I made to practice some java, it uses the binomial model and the geometric model. When using the binomial model, you cannot h...
defaulttaquito (0)
School Schedule
Template For School Schedule: Fill in Times, Days, Class Names, Student Names, etc
vicentenoriega (0)
throw the dice i love java throw the dice
Hello world...i love to program in Java!! throw the dice
My repl is called yay!'m a beginner so it isn't awsome. It's satisfactory.
vicentenoriega (0)
learn about the tip calculator in java
one of my first programs is using a tip calculator
steamsydev (15)
i made a calculator, nothing special
the first thing I made in java. basically the starter project for every new language.
vicentenoriega (0)
sum of two numbers using Java
my first program using Java.......................................................................
ThomasArnoldo (0)
Enter a word and wait till the output writes if the word is palindromic or not! I hope you like it!
LakshayCodez (3)
Java Logining System
sooooo, this is a simple java login system this basically adds your username and passwords to the text file dont try copying the user password in the...
procoder165 (120)
colorful double helix
was bored again in class so I decided to make this.
MaverickJones (1)
The Game of Life (CAFFEINATED)
My interpretation and creation John Conway's Game of Life as created in the 1970s. Did this for a CompSci Class. Created using Java.
LakshayCodez (3)
Simple Java Countdown Timer
sooo, this is a simple java countdown timer I made. you input the minutes, seconds, and milliseconds. it will count down until it hits 0
VikasTomar (2)
Write a program to perform the operation on linkedlist[AllOperation]
In this program all general operation perform on linkedlist as insert the element[AllWays] delete the element[AllWays] Traversing the linkedlist[Als...