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TheBeanUwU (0)
why ;-;
my repl is getting nowhere. I guess I will continue to try [email protected]
CoolestDoggo (21)
Rock paper scissors, with self learning ai.
Credits to Cássio Zen for the neural network. (the only reason this works) find the source here:
JordanDixon1 (79)
Time module in Lua!
I have recently been trying to learn Lua and I have figured out this neat little trick to import the time module from python. First you put the time...
xbox1gamer47 (0)
This is a game
you might need to do it on the lua website and download the acctual thing to code it in there and make it work but here is the code
OwenDevita (2)
Auto Grocery List Maker
In my free time, I decided to try and make a grocery store list maker that would order your list to match your grocery store! This way, you don't have...
ColinHorvath (0)
An authentic Lua-coded RPG experience. ![luarpg]( --[...
Commander07 (0)
MCminer a small game in lua
MCminer is a game i made as a project some time ago its not really finished as i ran into problems and quit the project but i thought a whould share i...
JoelMenezes (9)
Game Lagger
Probably will make your computer lag maybe or maybe not.
KasmYlmaz (1)
Prison Life GUI
Subscribe TheAmazingShow and Like Latest Video Please
catkingcagod (2)
derp puzzle :}
find the 2 herps on all the derps belelelelelelelelelelelel
catkingcagod (2)
hello world puzzle
3499 hello world 1 hidden sentence can you find it the hint is in the very bottom
jaquaylont (0)
Final Grade Calculator
This Repl is a Lua code of my Final Grade Calculator to calculate what you need + possibilities on the grade to make.
Boogle (0)
Roulette coded in LUA
# Samuel Fisher's Roulette A little gambling game coded in LUA, some difficulty options, code formatted properly alongside some comments. Been working...
Akkoza (0)
Neat little string.byte based lua encryption and decryption
I made this in school because I was curious while wondering, it's not perfect yet, but I plan to work on it as a little side project! :)
Clubpenguinded (6)
Coming Soon
Making a battle simulator, coming soon! Just started making it today, so hopefully it will be done soon.
MLGhotdogdude (1)
Hey guys. Can you critique my code? It’s pretty cool right? Thanks
KassemSrhiri (0)
Indexing a Table’s indexes to another Table raw.
A problem I had was solved. I’d like to help others who may have struggled with it as well. Irregardless, if there is a bug or you have a suggestion,...
Wikipip (1)
Lua Functions that we NEED!
Copy the code in this program, and use it for yourself! I personally think this is perfect for new programmers!
EvanYang4 (0)
String Generator
Has a very simple API that has a variety of settings to generate the perfect random string. Seeds are automatically generated,
ParthAhuja (0)
~Under progress~ Advanced lua binary converter
Advanced lua binary converter. In beta. Example - num = math.random(10000, 65000) num2 = "function toBits(num)local a={}while num>0 do rest=math.fmod(...
coalesce (1)
Lua missions
Hi! I just have clone Lua koans aka Lua missions from here and patched them to be playable in Enjoy a...
SilverWolfSapphire (2)
Old Project
Feel free to make a better version, this is a discontinued project that I made quite a while back.
IzanLarumbe (30)
Theorem Of Pitagoras
Note: This repl is used for when you don't have the catetus. Not the hypotenuse. # Important: This is a part of my "Math For High Schools framework i...
IzanLarumbe (30)
Pitagoras Theory With Diamonds
# This is the hardest one i made in my math series. It calculates if you don't have "d" give me cycle. I wasted lot of time debugging with a book ex...
IzanLarumbe (30)
Pitagoras Theory calculator.
Calculates things. Is in spanish due i dont know the translation First thing can be height or base. the other one too.
IzanLarumbe (30)
This is a lua terminal game. Is pretty bad. But i made it due my sister had this dream. (She dreamed all things you see in-game.) I am not the best c...
IzanLarumbe (30)
Scammers VS Microsoft Tech Support
This started as a simulation of a robotic arm and then i found out the thing (Inputs) and i wanted to make a game. The game has like 2/10 pa...
IzanLarumbe (30)
My Futuristic game.
### This is W.I.P so im still making it. i only made like 1/10 parts of the game :/ - This thing is because of yes
derpdizzzzy (6)
a text based adventure game
derpdizzzzy (6)
a text adventure game on lua a game where you are a princess