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ShivrajNag (13)
Advance JS Concepts, Problems, Questions
This repl contains JS concepts beyond basics with coding problems, interview questions, etc
rjlevy (8)
Node.js and Express.js language translator
This is a Node.js and Express.js language translator that uses an API for Google Translate. Using EJS for templating and Bootstrap for styling. Emojis...
AmazingMech2418 (655)
Update on EasyCTF
So, as you may know, at , I introduced a new cyberse...
AmazingMech2418 (655)
This is my submission for Weekly Challenge #8. This supports the following: - Linear and quadratic equations, given that the right of the equal sign...
AtlasTK (1)
15-puzzle game
![15-puzzle]( When you learn programming, there comes...
CraigMiller1 (3)
Final Repl.... Why for the LOVE OF GOD was my problem the order of my comparison? Yeah it became apparent when I was...
CraigMiller1 (3)
Last Practice... The only reason it took any time at all was misspellings of variable names. From a professor's, point of vi...
CraigMiller1 (3)
The 4th took 5 minutes.... Took 3 compiles and the fi5rst 2 were because of misspells on the function name.
CraigMiller1 (3)
Campground 3 done... This one was easy as can be.
CraigMiller1 (3)
Campgrounds: Good So Far Flying through this example hopefully.
jatin33 (0)
Explains their behavior and the differences between them
Bookie0 (2593)
Hold Da Button!
# Hey everyone! How's life? ###### ~~boring~~ If you think life is boring, well guess what, here is a game to cure your boredom! With the immense...
rodwell (0)
Web create
Hi guyz am enjoying this programme let's share knowledge
hillal20 (0)
Well Documented Linked list in JS
This is just a good explanation for beginners like me in the data structures world to understand the concepts and tricks. This is not for professional...
AlaketuOlamilek (0)
String reversal
Algorithm to reverse a string using inbuilt methods..
CodeSalvageON (527)
TownSim Discord Bot
TownSim is a small economy based discord bot I made. Info: Prefix: town Get list of commands: town help
DSALucasT (0)
Lucas Tam Project 1
Here is my project already done. Please take a look and give me your feedback.
Coder100 (2733)
Chocolate Bot 2 Alpha Report 1
# Chocolate Chocolate is a fun bot as a successor to @DrankArizonaIce's Coffee-Bot. Chocolate-Bot's prefix is `--` and I have decided it has enough fe...
indrakusuma09 (0)
Day 1 - Tugas1
Tugas 1 Pre-Test Classroom Bootcamp Arkademy Fullstack Web Developer Batch 3 kloter 3
jmcleancoder (0)
Solved Rubiks Cube
A representation of a Rubik's cube in JS
indrakusuma09 (0)
Day 1
Tugas Pre-Class Bootcamp Arkademy Fullstack Web Developer Batch 3 Kloter 3
CraigMiller1 (3)
These Strings are killing ME... Okay. For a suggestion I think that dealing with character strings/arrays and further complications...
CraigMiller1 (3)
Got it work... It was copying the older functions in this sections over I accidentally multiply declared the in...
gbatra17 (0)
First pop-quiz for my class!
Coder100 (2733)
# WEEKLY 8 Hello guys!! Why is @TheDrone7 making us do homework? Anyways, I have made this. The interpreter is kinda lame and I hope to add the solver...
generationXcode (132)
This is tictactoe
This is for my bot I'm making to play this game against itself :) all will be out in my tutorial coming up
scottmaxyoda1 (1)
Dead by daylight Randomizer
A randomizer for the game dead by daylight.
adl212 (29)
Generate accounts on nitrotype!
**Are you tired of making your own accounts? Or do you want to make a lot of accounts?** Use this to make your own accounts on [Nitrotype](https://www...
TheForArkLD (606)
Stekovaya logo
# **YAAAAY I MAKED STEKOVAYA'S LOGO!** ---- ![672BABA9-BAE5-4A75-94AD-9126699D0BB4](
9751 (19)
**_Just Spam! As simple as that!_**