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sojs (87)
Santa!! Sleigh moves up and down
ASCII art in christmas cheer. Just hit run and enjoy.
vishaljha007 (0)
using recursive function for sum of array
function recursum(arr1){ if (arr1.length == 1){ return arr1[0] } else{ sum=arr1.pop()+recursum(arr1) } return sum } arr1=[1,2,...
GabeEE (3)
Nemesis 'Kahoot!' Utils
Recently, I've taken up node as a new challenge for API automation. As I've grown past discord's API and have been bored, I decided to get interested...
darekdmc (0)
Zadania JavaScript i inne z zakresu JS, CSS, Sass, React
Przykładowe rozwiązanie zadania spotykane podobno na rozmowach - Zadania JavaScript i inne z zakresu JS, CSS, Sass, React Jestem w trakcie nauki tak,...
AhmadAlKhaldi86 (0)
Practice loops over objects and Arrays
Practice loops over objects and Arrays in JavaScript Array loops Object loops Arrays inside objects Objects inside Arrays Objects inside objects htt...
Dart20 (27)
Chat and translator and my best thing The first is the chat the second a translator a...
wikiworld (4)
Wiki World For the past few tiring hours / days I have been working on a game called WikiWorld This game is designed to test your knowledge about majo...
Dart20 (27)
Do anyone understand javascript? I need help, all msg outputs should be translated in the language you select. But not the input
Vandesm14 (1224)
Lowchat: Fast and Secure chatting V2
This is it. The moment you've all been waiting for. Lowchat 2.0, Lowchat next-gen, Lowchat V2! It's finally here! This new and updated version of Lowc...
srk2134 (0)
get details from mysql
it's a great environment to work where every thing (template and coding part came hand in hand).
akash_joshi (1)
Conway's Game of Life in ~30 lines of JS
This was something which took a bit of time to implement. I wanted to create Game of Life in Functional JS as it is basically state conversion based o...
Grify (21)
(meme)when 2 people code at once on the same file | MMH DRAMA
OlegKleiman1 (0)
thisArg is map()
Passing thisArg as the second param to map() illustration.
PDanielY (280)
Repl-Talk (Not for hackathon)
I've created a nodejs module that allows you to fetch information about anyone on and create posts and comments on talk. This is the s...
xMikee (24)
replchat: a minimalistic approach to chatting
Introducing replchat, a chat board for all members of the community! The minimalistic design is reminiscent of IRC and you can have fun with y...
LeonDoesCode (272)
repl-talk.js API
Package You can find the current version of the repl-talk.js package here. repl-talk.js allows you to interface with user and post related data from...
micah1 (0)
coding playground
you can find me here for more.
micah1 (0)
coding playground
find me here for more
codefire23 (1)
My first online game!
This is my first online game ever! I took some stuff from the internet, but I did it!
Isantala11 (2)
A console based game of snake! Movement Click run and then use wasd or arrow keys to move Rules You are a 1 Eat 2's to grow Don't run into your tail...
RogerCronin1 (6)
Node Message v1.0 (Node.js Chatroom)
Seems like everyone on repl loves making chatrooms in Python, but I don't know much so here's one in Node.js. Link here! NOTE Use a dummy password wh...
RAujla1 (0)
Data Structures
Created my first most basic version of the Array Datasctructures in JavaScript.
Zavexeon (631)
kingpin router (rewrite in progress)
Hey there, so, I've had an obsession with writing routers recently. Started writing a new one, kingpin, but I'm unhappy with the backend. I'm doing a...
Ryan1111 (0)
3d shooter with a larger map
Originally made by JSer (1149). (Original - I have created a larger map for this g...
LaurinNeff (13)
subleq (single instruction computer) emulator, written in node
it might not be exactly the same subleq as on, but close enough i guess
00815711190 (0)
primeiro logoritimo
{ "name": "runner", "version": "1.0.0", "description": "", "main": "index.js", "dependencies": {}, "devDependencies": {}, "scripts": {...
stoyosawa (0)
Just for testing purpose. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Proin ipsum neque, porttitor vitae rutrum vel, ultrices feugiat leo...
morenoh149 (0)
Bug, cannot log from secondary file
on repl I cannot log out from a secondary file. Bug report.
guibit (0)
Atribuindo valores para objetos dentro do JS. Estudos da Trybe
jyothirajyam (0)
Assessment Done
Hello Francesca, I am done with Assessment can you take a look and let me know. Thanks, Jyothi