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medcho (1149)
Why you shouldn’t click on spam emails
This is my first animation in Python. *** ** You should probably watch it in full-screen. **
mitul3737 (5)
Covid 19 Case test
check your area covid19 cases
dankpython (0)
#WEEKLY My submission for this week's weekly challenge.
Uh, yeah. What the title says. Not really much to add here.
Tanishqq (39)
Time Table Genrator
Get a fun and easy time table for you to manage your school classes!
ThingThing (0)
Hunger Games 12 People
My first ever repl that i kinda liked. Enjoy
Nix236 (0)
CS50L Game
Assignment on Programming languages for Harvard CS50L
Nix236 (0)
CS50L Guess
Assignment on Programming languages for Harvard CS50L
Nix236 (0)
CS50L Pseudorandom
Assignment on Programming Languages for Harvard CS50L.
kannan2809 (0)
Python Pandas | Fresco course
Basic fresco code solution. Creating Series,datatype, dataframe etc.
Name12 (23)
password generater
this is just a simple password generator, I hope everybody likes it. please give me advice about how I can improve it. specially thanks @BobTheTomat...
yrabello (0)
get_mid practice for ASU CSE110 summer 2020 session A
maxyang (24) feed simulator
It's a feed simulator. I spent like 5 minutes on it, so it's not very high quality.
taptaplit10 (0)
Spy Ninja Network Game ( Chad and Vy X Taptaplit10)
Featuring Chad and Vy X Taptaplit10
SreeramTheBest (11)
Movie Information Finder
This is a Movie Information Finder that allows the user to gain access to the basic info of any movie ever made. This was made with the OMDB API which...
plcdthg (2)
Post Stealer
Really really really really really shitty post stealer
CodeSalvageON (401)
My First Online Multiplayer Game :D
This is my first attempt at creating an online multiplayer game. I will be creating another one, so leave your suggestions and thoughts down below!
EthanHorowitz (55)
I compared two numbers in a one-liner without any operators...just the magic of sets in Python. Enjoy :)
RohanRajagopal (1)
Equals-less Equals with bitwise XOR (python) #WEEKLY
My submission for the challenge. It works by dividing the number into integer and decimal parts, then it compares the integer parts of both number, f...
JaydenLiu1 (0)
Puzzle Game Demo
Puzzle Game is a puzzle game, as the title says. You are stuck in a room with a few rooms with things you need to unlock, find, and solve. What is ne...
LOLMcman (65)
#WEEKLY 5 Submission
Solution using binary operators which are apparently allowed.
Aloeb83 (46)
#WEEKLY Week 5
Completed the week 5 challenge. Really difficult to figure out how to save a variable without using the equal sign. I'm sure this isn't perfect, but t...
RyanTian (0)
Ryan Tian - Final Math Quiz Exam
This is an 5 questions Math Quiz
yihao (0)
do anyone has ideal what is wrong with snytax
yi_kankan (0)
uses the babylonian method to calculate square root
PYer (3019)
#WEEKLY #5: Equality Check
This one uses the `in` keyword, which is not counted as an "operator" (unless this is incorrect please tell me @TheDrone7). Thanks! EDIT: Loops to ru...
ankittrajj (0)
Python basics project
How to make a 90's game without graphics, which is very easy to make in python if you have some very basic knowledge of python. Everyone is free to co...
jstone386 (0)
Big Jones (Chatbot)
a chatbot with 15 different endings! I made this for a 2 week coding class just recently. Enjoy! by Jeremiah Stone
DavidCooperChey (1)
#WEEKLY Challenge #5 submission
This is one way to solve the weekly challenge. I typically ask the user for input, but that's not what was specified for this task. Currently this doe...
a5rocks (774)
#WEEKLY 5 comparison
Just read the comments for an idea of what is going on.
CodeLongAndPros (613)
#WEEKLY Episode V: The == strikes back.
This week's weekly challenge is to compare two ints without using comparisons || (math operators). There should be a bit of text before the program l...