topmarkstopher (0)
shared bounce game
...dasdasdas asDAs d asd asd Asd asD ASDasd asFDadsfsdsadaSDASD Sad and sad AS
PrakratiPandey (0)
I use to make wonderful, creative and interesting projects if u want you can refer. Hope you will like my CODING WORLD!
Khushi19 (0)
Square Rooting
Finding it hard to find a root of a number no worries type the number and know the square
ChaiCheng (0)
Random Revision Generator
Randomise revision for a number of days. Subjects are chosen from a given list. example: Monday: SubjectA Tuesday: SubjectB Wednesday: SubjectC Thurs...
MaheshParlapall (0)
square and cube
if you type one number it will show it's (square,cube)and after enter you name it will show you the length of your name
tdserapio (0)
Simple World Generation in Python - 12 year old Edition
So yeah I'm kinda 13-ish but made this when I was 12 years old. Enjoy! So basically I made my own suckish 'Perlin-smooth noise' and that is it!
ToluwaJoe (0)
Love Calculator 1
This application calculates the percentage of love and compatibility between two youngins. ![IMG-20200528-WA0004](https://storage.googleapis.com/repl...
IanTang2 (1)
Harry Potter meme :)
Harry Potter meme :) For serious Harry Potter fans only. Hope you enjoy:)
RyanHuang9 (0)
Flask Image Demo
A demo of using flask. There is a dog as a image
SamuelFigueroa1 (0)
W26 U2 lab
This is a program showing the height of the bars. something to think about is how they would run differently on other computers based on speed
TheoBoland (1)
Rock Paper Scissors
Rock Paper Scissors says shoot
tnoyes08 (0)
still a work in progress, but its coming along nicely so far
MakaylaLane (0)
2.5 Application Assignment
This is my 2.5 Application Assignment for my computer science class.
VMTU (36)
word generator! hello, long time so see, i was bored so i made this, basically it generates by a list of vowels and the alphabet, there is a chance if...
MakaylaLane (0)
schoolwork because I don't know if I click out of it will it be deleted
mrlime13 (0)
response time is 1 frame slow. as in you will have to wait one pixel before and then press. hope you like it. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...
XanthusPettitt (7)
calc for some formulas
this was made with the help of: @ToasterTartFan @ChaosDragonSai @XanthusPettitt (yes me) If you can give any tips that would be great! This is my...
PedroPaulo31 (0)
Probability Calculator
Calculating the probability. Using functions.
PedroPaulo31 (0)
Shaping Calculator
Shaping calculator with the instructions of the user.
PedroPaulo31 (0)
Add Time
Adding time with a function. Made in python with a lot of help of youtube videos.
PedroPaulo31 (0)
Boilerplate - Project
Boilerplate - Project - Made in Pure Python, the test is based in an array and the results is returned in a boilerplate.
DreamsToReality (0)
Harry Potter Quiz!
It is just a fun quiz that you can do anytimeeeeeee!!!
MostafaSaleh1 (0)
Shopping List
A Shopping List that you can use ya.
Heri1 (0)
My bot fortnite
If you whant to friended is Heri109
Official3ffect (0)
My website bot lol i have nothing to say so i will just say cat lol cat cat cat why not say dog lol
LuisFernando48 (0)
Shape Calculator
This is a freecodecamp.org challenge that i've completed
HackermonDev (1997)
Repl Changelog (see the upcoming changes to replit)
# Repl Changelog ### Introduction I found this site once while browsing replit and it is what the replit staff uses when approving pull requests on t...
sabreensabreen (0)
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Bennent (0)
bennent caculator
bennent caculator bennent caculatorbennent caculator