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Some rules and guidelines to keep in mind as you share your great work on our boards: 1 - Be kind and courteous to others 2 - Make sure that any feed
Pythonier (301)
Worlds Hardest Game (Made Harder)
In this game you will have to guess a randomly chosen number, 1 or 2, 10 times in a row. Have fun and good luck!
HawaKomuhendo (0)
if you ever find your self lost in he middle of the sea...i'll sale the world to find you and if you ever find your self lost in the dark and you can'
kurrycat2004 (2)
Private repl without hacker plan(only python3)
As some of you may know, it is possible to save something like api keys in a .env file in a repl so only the owner of the repl can see it. There is al
Lokiwi (0)
simple AI Chatbot
I used chatterbot to create my first ever AI chatbot. Originally intended as a meme about my friend, its a basic terrible chatbot. The more you use it
LordZ123 (2)
Story (a game)
This is a game made fully from Python. No further instructions needed! Update list: V1.0.0: Game created with Part1 V1.0.5: Bug Fixes, Battle Mechani
MarshallPerkins (0)
Here's a random game I made
If you have any other "Random Games" ideas for me, that'd be nice.
JacobRogers (17)
I need help! fix my random text genratror THE ERROR IS File "", line 5 for(i in range(0,len)) : ^
ZacharyWood (13)
Your Height to Inches
There was no reason to do this because you can just multiply your height by 12, but oh well.
ZacharyWood (13)
Python Text Colors
I know I used to have a hard time finding this, so if anybody needs help customizing your terminal, here you go!
edusantana (0)
Aprendendo sobre rotas
Aprendendo como usar flask rotas. Meu primeiro teste compartilhando com
MCA123 (0)
test_tup1 = ('GFG', 'is', 'best') test_tup2 = (1, 2, 3) print("key tuple is : " + str(test_tup1)) print("value tuple is : " + str(test_tup2)) res =
ShuchirJain (0)
RPG Game
An RPG Game. The names are private information. Even though only 1 person has it, The repl was created by three people through repl multiplayer.
faelatom (0)
Lista de Python - Exercícios Diversos
Exercícios da lista de Python para resolução em dupla.
Goosechaser13 (1)
Name Game/ Bananna Song
I made the name game generator. I am new to python. I will accept Constructive Criticism
Goosechaser13 (1)
First Calculator
I am new to python but here is a calculator I made.
Lokiwi (0)
Terrible Password Generator
Here is a bad password generator that I made.. I was bored in java programming class so uh yeah, this is that result
AlanKolenko (1)
My calculator
a calculator aaaaaaaaaaa nmust fill this out to 50 characters aaaaaaaaaaaaaaakkkakakakaaaa
HamzaPereira (0)
Hamza HW 1
doorways = ["You find yourself outisde your house, on a stormy night. Do you want to move through the doorway or climb on the roof (For all the choice
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ryaalbr (6)
Guessing Game
A guess the number game made in Python. If you have any feedback, let me know
MrTaco (0)
Chinese zodiac bot
A simple bot I made in school, type the year you were born and it'll tell you your horoscope. Wondering if people can break it, and advice to improve
GabrielMottanun (0)
Programa de descobrir o que aconteceu no ano do nascimento
Programa basico ultilizando Print, Input, Variavel, If elsif
GabrielMottanun (0)
Conceitos basicos
Programa de conceitos basicos de python, ultilzando input, print, if e else
GrantKeo (44)
Answering Simulator
Welcome to the Answer Simulator (It answers questions like I do.) Unfortunately, Alexa, Google Home, Siri, HAL-9000, R2-D2, and Cortana are on vacat
irishbryan (2)
Some code to randomly decide today's exercises.
I was recently told of a clever way to decide what exercises to do on a given day. It involved doing a set of exercises based on which face card is ra
OathOfCode (4)
Its basically just pokemon without the dialog but still is very fun!! I only have two pokemon implemented now but more will come!! If anyone wants to
leonardomickmic (0)
mhm oh yeah
tthis is minecraft rpg mmh oh yeahh this is epic plead lead
MiguekZaKek (0)
La Math Calculator
Just a math calculator i started working on. I just started so please help me or give my some tips. I also do have a discord server in which if you wa
AzureScripts (139)
RBLXStats - Grabbing Roblox statistics
Hello fellow repl users! I have been working on this for the past month, and i have only just moved it to, hopefully you guys like it. This
AppliDev (76)
Try to get 1 game!
So recently I was creating a game in python! I decided to create this game! This game is a game that chooses a number between 1 and 20000000 million o