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2009k (3)
the big bang and the rise of earth
a very cool depiction of the earth's rise in Turtle. I hope you all like it
Zackydoo (0)
Person.exe V.1 DEMO
A demo for a person. It has next to nothing now, but I will keep updating it to contain secrets and hidden lore buried in the conversation. Enjoy, and...
Zackydoo (0)
Zackydoo's Calculator
A calculator! You don't need to mess with the code to do anything, just give it numbers. FOR DECIMALS: Do not enter decimals, enter them as whole numb...
FunnyLamma (1)
Weird square maker.
I don't know why I made this, but it's satisfying to watch.
LordoftheString (3)
Some Shapes
Beginner user here. Made some shapes, and I was really proud of them!
BananaSoul (34)
It draws hi. That is all. It doesn't do anything cool. Just hi.
APerson1020 (5)
Smily face.
it is a program that uses turtle in python to draw. you can also choose the colour(or color for americans)
AmritBollapalli (0)
Shape Generator
Generate all your shapes with this amazing shape generator Disclaimer: only generates quadrilaterals and triangles for now.
lnagy (0)
Arstotzkan Flag
Arstotzkan Flag using a very primitive understanding of turtle.
DevLab (0)
Sierpinsky Carpet
Not being a professional programmer, I haven't dealt with recursion since I was in college, which was literally decades ago. I thought I'd try my hand...
EmilyWilkinson_ (0)
import turtle t = turtle.Turtle() for c in ['pink', 'yellow', 'light blue', 'purple']: t.color(c) t.forward(75) t.left(90)
BrickBoston (22)
Kakashi Painting Simulator
Controls: W-A-S-D to move around Space to stamp Q-E for brush down/up R-Y-G-B-D for colors 1-9 to change brush size C to clear Esc to quit
Wikipip (1)
Spiral of Theodorus
I'm still a rookie programmer, but I worked on this for a while. If anyone can find a way for this to be looped, please comment an answer.
LittleNomster (39)
I made a pretty rainbow benzene, it was a bit tricky to figure out tho! <3
Slavatop1 (0)
рисуем ркеквапрл гнолблощшграмч аврпарироьл ббждьртли томрсппраолпнбьапснкерпритекыри
noorkhaled (0)
I dare you to write a program that works out how many calories you have left to eat using python!
hwan6227 (0)
안녕하세요 이것은 마크다운 입니다. this is mark down Uploading image.png...
kbadrinath_tcsp (1)
calculator (python)
a python calculator, with basic operations. includes floats.
LittleNomster (39)
I made a pretty rainbow benzene! This was a bit tricky but i did it. UwU OwO
LittleNomster (39)
Rawr!! Pretty circles!! Pounce's pretty circles UwU
nerdy3 (0)
the house
people, "the house" is weird . I mean it can be weird but amazin' !!! :D I like it
HamzaRIP (0)
A program for Koch and Sierpinski's fractal
This is a program that allows you to choose whether you want it to draw Koch or Sierpinski's fractal. The strings are in French, so don't mind it
ValaSouthwould (0)
turtle spiral
the code is correct but it does not show up on repl
FilipH (9)
Simulation of natrual selection
A basic simulation of natural selection using random mutations and the turtle library for visualasation.
EwanFriend (0)
Square depth
i'm a beginner who likes making random patterns, well, as shown here!
SamanthaJones1 (4)
idk what this is can someone tell me what colours they think would be cool for this
adityaru (9)
My first code!
This was my first encounter of coding ever ! By The Way, I know it's simple but I'm still proud of it to this day :P
Weep (2)
Map Creator
My map generator Press run Tell me your ideas for new biomes, or features. And don't forget to try and guess which biome is which
LittleNomster (39)
So i was told to combine to make shapes with functions for class, well somehow i created a really pretty mandala
LittleNomster (39)
Flower Power!!
Flowers are very Pretty!! UwU