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maxyang (32)
Colorful art
Colorful art. It keeps going on endlessly, so you have to stop when you want it to. I think there's a limit on how big the turtle screen can get thoug...
amaddentcsec (33)
Dodge Game but in TURTLE!!
Instructions are in the console when you run the program. ![HelpGuide](
matthewpeng (3)
Pi stuffs
Help you visualize what will it look like if you want a certain radius and degree
johnnyfrancis (1)
Random thing made of turtles!
JoshuaStacey (0)
joshua stacey comp practical
i wanted to make a box with lots of colours and shapes in
Brooks2009 (1)
Turtle Spiral!
Wanna see some cool art? View this repl!
Brooks2009 (1)
Hangman Game!
It's time to play some hangman! Type in the word (or words!) and have someone else guess the letters and words! But don't guess wrong or else our poor...
Brooks2009 (1)
Turtle Race!
Choose a turtle to be on your team, then watch them go down the track! Fun with multiple people!
kittykat124 (5)
The AMAZING Turtle!!!!!
Just an awesome drawing! I hope yo like watching the turtle draw and the image form!
A really colourful circle that is really satisfying to watch!!!
matthewpeng (3)
awesome spiral
just watch the spiral. Noobs shall be shocked!
HenryWalter (1)
Triangular Worlds
In life, there will always be love and there will always be hate.
DSANikolas20 (2)
just a loop
this is just a multicolor loop very satisfying
GameLight (3)
Turtle Chase Game
This is a two player game with a time. The first player is the runner (blue turtle), and the second player is the catcher (red turtle). In order for t...
nishikurian (0)
Ping Pong!!
This game is a ping pong game it is meant for multiplayer but you can try single player. To control player one use the w and s keys to control player...
Bucali (0)
first lesson
learning python with clever programmer 2020
johnthompson (0)
Activity 2: Is this just all words and stuff?
To give you an idea of what Python can do, play around with the following code.
Name12 (71)
my first python turtle program
this is my first time doing python turtle despite I have been working with python for nearly 1 year. I made all sorts of patterns that I think it's co...
anyagupta22 (14)
Umm this is a game that I made and this is my 1st game so plz don't judge it was hard for me but this the ng is very relaxing
RahulYadavxox (0)
turtle beginner
just to savedjaiifiwh fwhihihfaigf faihihefiahihfw] faihiwhifhihfaih feiajihihafihihfeoafaaknhlhiwhihagugufeahgfuaguguefaugfeuagugfaiwfha its a new th...
gaygayyyy (2)
void/wire wastepaper basket
look at this cool thing that frikkin' resembles a void or waste pAPER BASKET OMG OMG mlgggggggggggg
Thehappysquid (37)
Color slideshow
I made a slideshow of colors. I don’t even know, I was bored.
ret394 (2)
p2 for perspective 2 of 10
from post by Line 14 decrements it in each iteration. Uncomment line 13. did you expect it? It is nice!
kinanharb10 (17)
this is a repl that draws a red drill very VERY precisely.
my turtle
this is the first time me making or working with a turtle.......
pythoder (183)
Turtles Racing!
Hi, I created a turtle race. There are three turtle, moving a random amount of pixels(2-4). Whoever traveled the farthest in the end wins. Upvote if t...
Siddhartha123 (2)
The Complitrack
Welcome to the COMPLITRACK race!
AaravChok (0)
Note pad draw!
Self Explanatory! #python #turtle #drawing #color #pen
EmmaGao8 (1)
Snowflake Dance
Make your own snowflakes! Try and be creative with making your sonwflakes! No 2 snowflakes are the same!
kinanharb10 (17)
tree and a bush
This python turtlegraphics project is a really nice picture of, well... the title.