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Zephyrdyno (0)
This is solutions to questions
Lord_Poseidon (159)
#WEEKLY scheme go ((())))))())((())((((((()))))
imagine actually finding all permutations. can't relate. this submission uses some basic math and logic instead. usage : type `(rank "bigstring" "sm...
LowlyQuestor (0)
Basic Recursion in Scheme
My experimentation with basic recursion in Scheme, based off of what I have been doing in Python.
CodeLongAndPros (1354)
My first real Scheme / Lisp program!
This is my first real Lisp program! ![Happy kermet]( It's not much, but a little better than `...
mpiedrav (0)
Ejemplo de listas anidadas para TP2
Ejemplo de listas anidadas en Scheme, un "dialecto" del lenguaje Lisp. Algunas ciudades por donde pasaba la histórica Ruta de la Seda.
lolcoding (7)
A rage talk
pls upvote because this will make you rage.
thebigcreator (0)
testing my website WIP
look at the best cars! lambos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hope you enjoy I will make some cool updates! WIP WIP WIP WIP
mamachewy53 (0)
i am 53 yrs old live in Portland Oregon 6 adult kids i'm new to IOS developing Hope to get to know you.
haideralrowaije (0)
Assignment scheme #1
Extend the count.rkt program so that will count the number of elements in a list. Note: Scheme supports the length operator; do not use it for this ex...