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RaynaRising (0)
Netflix Movie Suggestion box has been finished and ready to be turned in.
ChasingFlavors (1)
Geometry dash codes work, I mean, what? Thanks to @AwesomeJaden7 for the base and Easter egg codes but I added everything else, including like 50 if...
jamesabela (17)
A repeat Style Loop
This is great for iGCSE students, because in Python this style of code does not exist. You always have to make the decision at the top. However in Swi...
cokkieman (0)
can you help me i don't realy know how to do this i want to learn from the bestyouand ashton
GreatLegolas (0)
Listing of currencies
Listing of currencies with symbol and price in USD
Pinhead69 (15)
Haiku Simulator
This is just something I made to escape the plague of boredom Any criticism/comments/ ideas will be looked at and appreciated :D (REVAMPED: MORE OPTIO...
meluckycharmes (0)
Randomisation homework
test. can you read this. are you taking Angela's course?
CannoliCoder (0)
Try your luck. Can you get 0 0 0 ?
I just finished working on the game enjoy. If you spam "Enter" the game gets all weird. Does anyone know how to fix this
Brett58546 (0)
Brett58546 ai sample
this is an ai talker
michaelslogan (0)
Playground- a place where people can play and learn Swift
This is my very first exercise in CIS280, Fall of 2019. Very interesting, and a bit intimidating too.
JoseCarvajal (0)
Nibble es un sistema en que los clientes reciben un menú diario, el cual será diferente cada día y tomará en cuenta los gustos y/o necesidad
laksh5 (85)
laksh5 (85)
Hello world!