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RohilPatel (785)
Weather App (iOS)
# I made a weather app For those who don't know, yes, I do know swift. There is nothing to do with it unless you add view controllers. I basically wa...
AndresHaro1 (3)
Structures, or structs, are one of the named types in Swift that allow you to encapsulate related properties and behaviors. You can define it, give it...
Wilke000 (345)
First Swift repl!
# Hello! This is my first swift repl! No experience at all, this is probably the one and only Swift repl I'll ever make #### Hope you enjoy! HAGS!
SageW (1)
Cat Genetics Calculator
Calculate what the offspring of two cats will look like (with 80%-100% accuracy)
AndresHaro1 (3)
Switch Statements
This is one way that you can learn how to use Switch Statements.
AndresHaro1 (3)
If-Else Flow
Learn how to do an If, Else If, and Else statement...
AndresHaro1 (3)
Functions with Inputs
If you want to learn about swift, you will definitely need to start from what is a function and how you can insert inputs inside of the function. No...
brandosha (12)
Swift Autodiff in Under 200 Lines of Code
I may add more, but at the time of posting it was 199 lines.
AlbertoBernabe (0)
AlbertoBernabe (0)
please I Need helpt with arrays.
MattRodriguez01 (1)
Calculate Daily Pay Array Challenge
ilevent (0)
Yelling Array: Cheers
Iterating over an array of strings
AmazingMech2418 (655)
π in Swift
I think I'm pretty much doing pi approximations in every language now, so, here it is in Swift! By the way, compare this to Kotlin and see why Kotlin...
BronsonSchafer (1)
tictactoe with an almost impossible to beat AI I made for my ios class
BronsonSchafer (1)
A game similar to "20 Questions" made for my ios class.
emilymp (5)
Dudas Sesión 1
![ioslabimg]( Pueden ocupar este espacio para cualquie...
jdetrant1 (0)
hello all my name is Jonathan I have no idea what I'm doing was always interested in the idea of coding but never went beyond that. I have no IT exper...
XanderEhlert (131)
Euler's Number, part 2
Recently, I made a program in Python to calculate Euler's number (e) More recently, I made a crash course on Swift (if you want to check it out: htt...
SimoneB1 (1)
coding test for Stream chat application, performed by Simone
JDOG787 (155)
Quiz/Triva Game
This is a repost of my Quiz repl. I added some improvements that people thought that I should add from my first post. Some of these are: - More Quest...
bondz (0)
Is this okay to do?
I am new to Swift but not programming. I'm good at JS and had to check a lot of things to figure this out, is this a good way to solve this type of pr...
SDJama (0)
Project combining Strings using arithmetic operators
SDJama (0)
Hello there-1
Project working with String Literals and constants? Thank you SDJama
flyingbutterfly (0)
is it cheating
I was not sure if I could us Google, yet I did and after I found out how to complete the assignment. I seen I had error not sure was that suppose to h...
mamachewy53 (0)
![IMG_0047]( Hi everyone my name is Claudia
JessicaJean (0)
Hello everyone I’m Jessica, I’m new a little lost as to what I’m doing but hoping to learn and figure it all out.
RaynaRising (0)
Netflix Movie Suggestion box has been finished and ready to be turned in.
ChasingFlavors (1)
Geometry dash codes work, I mean, what? Thanks to @AwesomeJaden7 for the base and Easter egg codes but I added everything else, including like 50 if...
jamesabela (25)
A repeat Style Loop
This is great for iGCSE students, because in Python this style of code does not exist. You always have to make the decision at the top. However in Swi...
cokkieman (0)
can you help me i don't realy know how to do this i want to learn from the bestyouand ashton