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SonicGirlsGeek (0)
Fandom Finder (Beta)
Working on a website for people looking for communities. Suggets some if you want, but this is currently a beta to present as a final project in codin...
Labriaw1397 (0)
Final project ❤
This my final website IK that it needs some work but this a sneak peek of what My website is going to look like.
olhak5 (0)
Group 1: Pizzeria
Group 1: Pizzeria
ambientbow (0)
Albert Einstein tribute page, Daniel Linares 8.A
this is a tribute to a big influence in history of humanity.
EricaJames (0)
This assignment, I used HTML to format the text needed for the document. I used different list and nav. I have also used some inline quotes and blo...
SonicGirlsGeek (0)
Mr. Rossi's Website
Me: I tried my best Mr. Rossi: There is only one piece of Javascript.... Me: I Tried Mr. Rossi: Did you copy and paste that Javascript? Me: Tried
LisaMolvig (0)
Final project from F18 CS50A
Not working! Please let me know if you can see what's happening!
SimonaMF (0)
How to make the Fulffiest COuscous
Creation of a recipe using HTML and CSS: Give a title to the recipe Provide a description of the recipe Create a list of ingredients using unordered...