FrancescoCarole (0)
Calcolatrice Cancerogena
Sono nabbo. Non scannatemi pls
XanthusPettitt (4)
calc for some formulas
I made this because I wanted to, 1. learn more about import math. 2. I didnt want to think alot. 3. I wanted to help others. this will tell you what w...
My very first day in learning to code. First simple tagline generator.
IsaiahCrotzer (1)
proto tipe
talk to the computer it's not complete
SorbetFox (2)
Mad libs with dessert
Make a mad lib about ice cream and store it as a file.
cekingcommon (0)
Define and identify scope, aliasing, stack trace. Demonstrate changing a list in a function updates the list outside of the function. Demonstrate upda...
KierstenKuk (2)
Kingdom Control
Rule your very own kingdom! To start, press the run button and click enter. Help allies, fight enemies, and build up your kingdom! If you have any que...
theundeadgod186 (0)
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theundeadgod186 (0)
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theundeadgod186 (0)
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AntnioMarcos1 (0)
Firma Bot
Bot criado para a Firma. Explica sobre nós, te diverte e torca música kraioooooo.
XanthusPettitt (4)
calc for some formulas
I wanted to make a calc so I decied to go all in and make a calc that can do pretty much anything, well it will be able to do anything I still need to...
prjamming (0)
Please join me on this adventure to find the source code for the homepage image. If you do, please tell me in the comments and paste the source code f...
bkpag222staugs (0)
multiplication table app
This app is used to find out any type of number's multiplication table. You can also find out the multiplication table of any decimal number too! clic...
LukeWright (21)
{finished} Pythagorean theorym solver
its simple and it just works. follow the format A,B,C and substitute a ? for a value that is unknown. you may only have one unknown value.
bkpag222staugs (0)
you can find any number's multiplication table by this app
This app is used to find any type of number's multiplication table. You can also find the multiplication table of any decimal number too!
Liyah42 (0)
Variable and user input
It tells you how olds you will be in 10 years once you answer the questions
VadenThakkar (0)
This just has a bunch of tools that are very useful. This includes a document system, a way to create google docs/slides etc. and more.
Angie1020 (0)
what went wrong fixed
I finished edhesive assignment :)
fadinglightprod (0)
ChronicMC Bot
discord bot for ChronicMC handles role assignment random chat commands etc
BananaJellyfish (140)
BJSearch - A Search Engine
# About BJSearch is a search engine that you can add results to. ok, i didn't know this is how db worked, but you can only find words you yourself hav...
AnvarUrasin (0)
real word
its a thing that exists inside of an existing universe
LegendaryWolf (281)
[game] Click game! by LegendaryWol f(LegendaryAlpha) must see!
# Try clicking on the button while it is movinn! # Hope you like it!
patrawi (1)
First Backend Project
Hello It is me Yike This is another repository that i neeed to get hosted
820389 (0)
beste menner ataman hier is mijn project
BenPattinson (1)
Bp anime merch website
Anime merchandise that is cheap and you can buy now more exclusives coming!
patrawi (1)
First Backend Project
This is the first backend project that i work in freecodecamp
andrewivx (0)
4.3B Divisible
I had to do this project on word and copy it into here since my internet is down but i think it works
andrewivx (0)
4.3B geometry
This is the solution for this portion, had to do this in word first since wifi was down
andrewivx (0)
Quiz 4.3B
This is the quiz 4.3B!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!