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Obvod a obsah kruhu
Stačí jen pouhý poloměr a dokážu vypočítat obvod i obsah kruhu.
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asdojiasd asd asd as das d asddas
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What went Wrong?
Score spelt wrong Print spelt wrong No things after else No quotation marks
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Obvod a obsah čtverce
Dokážu vypočítat obvod=o nebo obsah=S čtverce.
StephenSchuster (0)
thing thing thing thing thingthingthingthingthingthingthingthing
spacebot (1)
Guess My Number!
Select your level and then try to guess the number. This was also helped by AviSharma2. https://repl.it/@AviSharma2/
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Fibonacciho posloupnost
Zvládnu vypsat čísla Fibonacciho posloupnosti.
MohamedAttia (0)
My first work
#include <stdio.h> int main(void) { printf("Thank you gammal tech"); }
LotusKingKing (2)
{GAME} Among Us *ALPHA*
TheMarz (0)
(NEW) SkyFly Selfbot cool commands more then 100+
DM ƈʟօʊȶ#3333 on discord for more info or help!
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Raster Starter Code 2
This is the part 2This is the part 2This is the part 2This is the part 2
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Homework #1
![Scannable Document on Feb 25, 2021 at 10_50_18 AM](https://storage.googleapis.com/replit/images/1614279261860_beb7553fa0d0decff6c797edd95022fa.jpeg)
CarrotOnCanvas (2)
Throw Till They Die
A Game That Is Simple. it is made with pydraw and python. This is a simple, but fun game.
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hi some memes now haha yes yEs lol
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League KDA
enter kills then deaths then assists
georgelovesruth (0)
compatibility checker
cute program for my girlfriend
AidanEch0es (1)
the oregon trail but epic
is it junk code? does it function properly? the world may never know
PythonLuv (14)
REPL.it was featured in a video.
# What? Basically Couriway, the minecraft speedrunner posted a video about a new speedrun category, and in the video showed repl.it, I just thought it...
EvanSong (4)
For the competition. It's a thing that uses the for loops.
madrigals1 (0)
Maze Tkinter
Maze Generator using Python Tkinter
lewiscaitlyn (0)
Caitlyn L.
Showcasing FFA and a little about my life.
jeremymclaughlin (3)
Turtle Etch-a-sketch w/ background change
This code asks the user what color they want for the background before allowing the user to draw patterns on the screen.
JeremyMet (2)
Nitro Gen Nederlands Checked
Nitro Nitro Nitro Nitro Nitro Nitro Nitro
yaelka (0)
quiz 2C for intro to compsci
JeremyMet (2)
Nitro Gen Nederlands Checked Official
Nitro Gen nederlands Checked! officieel van Georgeconfirmed DuckConfirmed en DjerOfficial
zhamkaar bot
hello im a cool kid, so are u
JosephineKellyy (2)
Mini Adventure Game - Dark Forest
The goal of this game is to get through the dark forest without dying! Ap Computer Science Principles
yeetyeet4yeet (6)
This game is an easy tkinter game in python. You click each square and, you see if there is any bomb by it
magggie01 (0)
Here is yet another thingie. I hope you enjoy the questions and all the numbers.
okayshankha (0)
Find possible word generation from a random string
example: input: ontwoe output: (with letter repeat) one: 2 two: 2 ten: 1 (without letter repeat) one: 2 two: 2 ten: 1