savannatoshay1 (1)
5 function project
basically, this project can help with numbers and it tells ages compared to other ages.
wolverine2k (0)
Homework: Create the calculator with Menu using the functions described here in.
wolverine2k (0)
Homework: Create calculator with Menu using functions
QEREWRAD (14) Options By : @QEREWRAD
This Project Can Change Your **Username In** not fake please upvote this post
QEREWRAD (14) Options By : @QEREWRAD
This Project Can Change Your **Username In** not fake please upvote this post
thomasdetrijn (0)
c data types
dit zijn data types in c no comments
diwaker1480 (0)
Day3_BMI _Calculator
Completed day 3 exercise BMI_calculator
ironblockhd (419)
RDCServ: Replit Database Compabilty Server
coding on replit has been real exhausting lately (I'm 4 times faster on a local enviroment) but I like the community aspect of replit, so I made this...
LegendaryWolf (413)
GUI Python colored text generator - my biggest Tkinter project - Must See!
### Have you ever wondered how to print colored text in python? use this app! # How to use - 1.Select the color you want your text to be (i.e: green...
generationXcode (311)
webcrawler lol
I make webcrawler I think. This is what I think a webcrawler is like. Is it? someone please tell me why it isnt.
MysteriousNothi (0)
How chain methods in rruby
Example how to chain methods in ruby
PrakratiPandey (0)
I use to make wonderful, creative and interesting projects if u want you can refer. Hope you will like my CODING WORLD!
Khushi19 (0)
Square Rooting
Finding it hard to find a root of a number no worries type the number and know the square
ChaiCheng (0)
Random Revision Generator
Randomise revision for a number of days. Subjects are chosen from a given list. example: Monday: SubjectA Tuesday: SubjectB Wednesday: SubjectC Thurs...
MaheshParlapall (0)
square and cube
if you type one number it will show it's (square,cube)and after enter you name it will show you the length of your name
tdserapio (0)
Simple World Generation in Python - 12 year old Edition
So yeah I'm kinda 13-ish but made this when I was 12 years old. Enjoy! So basically I made my own suckish 'Perlin-smooth noise' and that is it!
ToluwaJoe (0)
Love Calculator 1
This application calculates the percentage of love and compatibility between two youngins. ![IMG-20200528-WA0004](
IanTang2 (1)
Harry Potter meme :)
Harry Potter meme :) For serious Harry Potter fans only. Hope you enjoy:)
CosmicJoshGamin (0)
SpellChecker that is Binary Linear
ohgodohheck192 (0)
I'm testing!!
I'm just testing!! So if there's failures, or either glitches, I'm just testing ruby code.
TarynSchmidt (0)
Web Layout Tutorial - Taryn
Web Layout Tutorial Submission - Taryn Schmidt
LetianFeng (0)
code for searching words and whether they are spelled correct or not
RyanHuang9 (0)
Flask Image Demo
A demo of using flask. There is a dog as a image
NimaSherpa3 (21)
Dog cartaking Website
Hello, I am learning front-end web devlopment right now and this is one of my projects that I have made for fun, please don't take false ownership of...
AmoghRocks (0)
Apple vs Samsung
It is a cool website.Provides comparison between latest Apple and samsung phones.
Mayacutepanda1 (0)
So we probably all know by now the Nitro type bot has been down... I am looking at it to see if there is anything I can do, I'll keep you all updated
SamuelFigueroa1 (0)
W26 U2 lab
This is a program showing the height of the bars. something to think about is how they would run differently on other computers based on speed
tkessis (0)
On Point
Match the correct colors, orientation, and use your shield to fend off the incoming chevrons! Controls: Arrow keys to change orientation A: Red S: Gr...
Slender1808 (0)
hash to utf
ASCII-encoded hash. This function halves the amount of ASCII text. Joining two letters in a letter to assemble the new text
TheoBoland (1)
Rock Paper Scissors
Rock Paper Scissors says shoot