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TimothyAnderso1 (77)
3D rotations in turtle
I am back, and god dammit do i wish i wasnt This was only possible thanks to this article:
MrMinimax (117)
This is the beta of a game I am making! You can play the beta
52eagle (11)
Play with legos!
Oh yah. It's legos! It's legos. Yuh know? LEGOS! Yah boi!
Nettakrim (179)
minecraft end portal finder
tool to help find end portals with 1-2 ender pearls usage: HAVE F3 SCREEN OPEN FOR THE WHOLE PROCESS get somewhere high up, throw an eye of ender and...
CatR3kd (12)
"First" Repl
This is my first OFFICIAL repl, just a spoof website. Hope you enjoy!
CodeSalvageON (259)
Amjad is Eminem. There is proof.
@amasad Amjad has the same chin as Eminem Both wear similar clothing(leather). Both have the same haircut Both have the same hair color ![ logo...
MrMinimax (117)
A uselles but will impress your friends "grade changer"
Now, this program is litrally useless. It does nothing, however kids who cant code will be impressd by it, (note this was meant to be used for schools...
Roar123 (36)
# Mastermind in Python The classic game of Mastermind is now implemented in Python, meaning you can play the codebreaking game in the comfort of the...
mat1 (2960)
Minecraft Paintings Gallery
So a while ago I saw this video that showed the Minecraft paintings and some of their original forms. Howe...
MrMinimax (117)
Id like to annouce.... SLIDE
This is a game called slide. I was inspired to do this when I saw a post a loooong time ago on this chat. YOu can move with the arrow keys. You can pl...
Evanlicious (50)
Web Unblocker
After consulting with a guy who had a 3 line version of something that was on the blog, I discovered that I could convert it to one line. So,...
medcho (3)
This is my first repl
It is not that perfect, but I have tried my best making this the best I can.
Zexogon (604)
i cant see my forehead
@Zavexeon the winner of the ask I did here is your solution, provided you have a webcam or camera just use it as a mirror or somthing This was kinda...
RayvelArjoon (40)
Kingdom Game
This is a terrible remake of that template thingy. I am making a better one that has a title screen and proper animations. But or now, enjoy this... T...
devcar80 (16)
Python Login System With Encryption
This is a little login system a friend and I made in python. It decrypts, encrypts, and checks if the username is already taken. If you have any sugge...
IreoluwaRaufu (151)
Shiritori Word Game (v1.0.0)!!!
The (almost) final version of the Shiritori Game that I have had in development for the past 3 weeks now! This version includes a difficulty scaler a...
RomeroSchwarz (201)
A Text Editor in the C++ Console
I've been learning c++ recently, and decided to take on a text editor. Using the input method that I explained [here](
MarcusWeinberger (160)
The most complicated "hello world" program in a single line
# How it was made First, I went through all the characters in "hello world" and used `ord` to find their numerical values. Using the argcount of a bu...
RayvelArjoon (40)
Shooter Game!
It's a shooter game nerds! It includes a lot of that arcade fun for those grinders who have a lot of time that they don't know what to do with!
CSharpIsGud (147)
TinyComputer, An 8-bit computer with memory segmentation
This is an 8-bit computer capable of addressing up to 4080 bytes of RAM (Limited address bus to 8 bits instead of 16 bits to make segmentation more us...
connorstott (86)
Adventure Game
Best full screen, but can be played in window view if you want.
SvenDeveloper (20)
Better Python3 Interpreter
I saw a repl from someone else who made a python Interpreter. That project is bad, so I made a better one :)
MrEconomical (1411)
Gravity Simulator
# this is a gravity simulator I thought it would be cool to be able to mess around with gravity and experiment, so I made this simple gravity simulat...
MrPerson01 (130)
Random between 3 and 3
this repl picks a number between 3 and 3. It is very random and I bet you cannot guess what it will output each time!
bonnym512 (103)
Minecraft Adventure Game
Welcome Minecraft Gamers. This is a rpg game of Minecraft. Hope you enjoy. NOT ASSOCIATED WITH MOJANG OR MICROSOFT!!!
Zexogon (604)
Clicker Game In HTML!
I tried this a few times but now i finally have the hang of javascript (kinda) ill be updating this and add new things/make it look better for now enj...
Kwolski (17)
turtle illusion
Check out my turtle optical illusion!! I made this as my programming final first semester
RohilPatel (358)
Custom Webpage View Counter
# Custom View Counter > Hi, I decided to make this project because I had tried to look it up when I was like, really bad at NodeJs (I'm not saying I...
TaylorLiang (632)
Repl IRC
A IRC made in python. (please dont call me a IRC-Boomer). It has the following features: - Channel creation - Account creation (ask to be mod) - Send...
Coder100 (735)
Node.js REPL
# **NODE.JS repl** So @Andi_Chin made [this]( and then @SvenDeveloper ["made it better"](https://...