Voice Assistant Template
AdCharity (1360)

Simple Voice Assistant


  • ok design with animations
  • easy adding commands
  • credit.js (add github/twitter easily to any page)
  • piss people off and block common source code key binds
  • current commands: help, background, hello, weather command

To make this voice assistant yours, all you have to do is edit commands.js. It's kind of self explanatory, but the requirements for each command include:

'command name': {
    params: 0,
// not required if no parameters are needed
    description:'only necessary for the "help" command, but help yourself out and describe stuff anyway',
    run: (params) => {
    //this will execute when command is said


For now, commands must be said in [command][parameters for command] format. For example, "background red" changes the background of the voice assistant page to red.

Extra notes

Due to the nature of how I parse commands, only one word commands are allowed (but you can chain commands). You can, however, say "What's the weather in [region]" because I look for the keyword 'weather' and two parameters.

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