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Deno Template! Deno the new hip Typescript runtime!
eankeen (1391)

Template for starting an Oak web server. Oak runs on Deno, an alternative Typescript and Javascript runtime. Oak is the most popular Deno web framework by star count. See the for more details.

This program will not run as intended on because the runtime on is still the pre-release 2 version (it should correctly error with error: Uncaught ReferenceError: ErrorEvent is not defined since the ErrorEvent was added globally in the third release candidate). you have to clone from the git repository and run it yourself.

Besides that, there are definitely some rough edges, mostly due to dejs and import statements i am working on polishing up. I was only able to work on this today - i plan on doing the final polishes really soon.

Jakman (458)

Wasnt oak the language that got renamed to Java?

RossJames (303)

Oh hey @tser

Edit: Wait, that username already exists? And they do JS not TS