Python aiohttp private API template
Scoder12 (797)

Python aiohttp private API template

Easily develop powerful, secure APIs with python and aiohttp.


  1. Fast: Much faster than flask and even regular asyncio (uses uvloop)
  2. Secure: Built-in secure API key verification with SHA256
  3. Resilient: Built-in ratelimiting support
  4. Convenient: Build complicated APIs easily with a simple interface
  5. Easy to understand: Comments explain what the template is doing

The only API template you'll ever need.

Upvote if you found it interesting! Ask questions in the comments and I will answer!

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sojs (272)

I don't use python but it seems cool - love the styles for the flask server

Scoder12 (797)

@sojs thanks! maybe you can learn python some day. The styles are from Water.css by @Kognise and are super easy to use, try it in one of your projects some day.