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Tutorial/docs Website Template
CodingCactus (3045)

Everything is explained in the in the repl, but ill copy it here anyway lol

If there is something which isn't explained, then please tell me and I'll add an explanation

What to change:

  • line 5: give description of your site where it asks
  • line 7: write your name where it asks
  • line 11: change to an image of your choice
  • line 13: Title of your page
  • line 25: Title of your page
  • line 26: Your name
  • line 36-40: The title's of each of your sections
  • line 36-40: The id's of each of your sections
  • <h1>: Change to the title's of the sections
  • <h1>: Chnge id to something more descriptive (make sure it is the same as the one in the link that connects to it in the contents)
  • Then all you need to do, is write your sections!

Some style classes:

  • <div class="code">: code block
  • <code class="code">: code highlights
  • <div class="quote">: for quotes/sidenotes

That's about its, you can change the css to what you want

Don't remove the footer

Hope you can make some cool websites with this!!!

xxpertHacker (404)

I think it'd make a whole lot more sense if you did:

footer a{}

instead of:


This would remove of the HTML foot class in you HTML too.

CodingCactus (3045)

@StudentFires didn't know that you could do that, thanks

xxpertHacker (404)

@sugarfi Lol, I'm used to XML/XHTML, so I always have an extreme distinction from the script, document, and style.