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Typescript/Create-React-App template with npm!
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Create-React-App with Typescript! (and no yarn package manager 😂)

Earlier today I was trying to get a Create-React-App project with Typescript on React. Couldn't find any working (I'm saying working because I found solutions.
So I started a Create-React-App project on WSL2 ubuntu with VScode, pushed changes to a Github repository, cloned it here, and decided to share it as a template!
Clone it here:

Happy coding! 😁

razorshnegax (8)

Thanks, you saved me from trying to do this on my own

programmeruser (529)

What's wrong with yarn? (I accidentally used it for my Vue.js template since I thought I needed yarn global, but I didn't). And nice job!

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I have no problem with yarn when not on
A few days ago I tried to install a module called react helmet with yarn and it took around 5 minutes.
It seemed like yarn was updating itself or something too, like whenever I install something using pip in a project it asks me to upgrade to a newer version. On VScode I use npm for habit but have yarn installed, accumulating dust.