SudhanshuMishra (66)
Pro navigation
# Pro Navigation page ! This is a navigation page made by me and its really cool ... the images at the right side of the screen change according to t...
Kudos (104)
C# 9 (.NET 5) template!
Code in C#9 with this template. It's bulky though, and can take 5 seconds to start running. ![image](
CarrotOnCanvas (2)
Console Main Menu Demo
Hello, I have made this main menu demo that appears in the console. It is free to use but proper credit is needed.
Kudos (104)
Haxe (language) template!
Run Haxe, a language not yet [officially] added to
RayhanADev (1393)
📋 1 File Website w/ Server Template 📋
Ever feel like doing something pretty crazy, yet fun? I suggest making a 1 File Website! Pretty easy, make a fork of the template, change the text in...
angrydoge (460)
Breaking News Template!
# Hello! This is a little project of mine. Its a little "breaking news" template. You can change the text in the bottom and the title and image and...
Torencodes (1)
Become a millionaire and get moneyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy lots of it
Coder100 (15682)
Node.js Console Colors
# **NODE.JS CONSOLE COLORS** I hope to never have to search up how to have console colors ever again... :p This is an "all-in-one" color template for...
SudhanshuMishra (66)
Buy an anti virus template
So I made an anti virus template ... **First sight** This emoji is scared of unethical things that can happen ... yes I could give the mouth animatio...
ebp11 (39)
Template for writing XML code on
Currently, XML is not a language option on But using this template, you can go to index.xml and be able to write XML code. It also comes in w...
DaylnCode (1)
Moderator commands discord python
Here some moderator commands python
Webscraper Template
# Webscraper Template A simple webscraper using the newspaper3k Python module. ### What it does ```python import newspaper, sys url = input("Enter URL...
oboy12 (10)
This is my first game that I did Whith @rayansom
Hope you really enjoy my first game 👍
xolyon (341)
Basic Python RPG template
I saw tons of cool utility and advanced stuff on python here so I decided to make something I see a lot on here... This is a basic skeleton for an RP...
snowboardsheep (24)
Chatting App Template - Template Jam
# Simple Chatting App Template ## Build a Chatting Application with Node,, and Express ### About This template is based off of a previous p...
ammarbinfaisal (9)
sbt repl
I made an sbt repl. Useful until officially introduces scala(sbt) repls. Check this [demo of simple web scraping using scala and java](https:...
ayuubOmer (10)
Template for Imba, the friendly full-stack language
So recently i found this language that compiles to Javascript. it's actually way faster then React and the syntax is sweet like a candy. It can also b...
AmazingMech2418 (1016)
Virtual Assistant Template Using Adapt
# Intro So, I saw @AdCharity 's Voice Assistant Template and I remembered that I had created myself everything needed to create an even better templa...
sojs (287)
A template for creating a bunch of timers.
Most of the code is pretty self-explanatory. You can edit the dates, or the time it takes in the javascript code. ** Have fun, remember to comment b...
MrEconomical (2282)
JordanDixon1 (458)
OS Template for Jam
This is a Template of the OS module in python. It will teach you how to use OS and the many things you can do with it! If you have any questions leave...
frissyn (449)
PyPi Package Template
# Python Packaging Template --- ##### My first submission for Template Jam! This is a simple template I created for those who want to create a Pytho...
SilentShadowBla (553)
Basic Website Template
This is just a basic website with links, buttons and a top navigation bar. You need basic HTML knowledge - replace '#link' with desired link (href are...
HackermonDev (1992)
Web scraping with Nodejs
# What is web scraping and how does it work Web scraping is when you go on a website then you find links on that website and then you can on those lin...
LiamDonohue (295)
SQLite Starter {{Template Jam}}
# Have you ever wanted to store data? Never knew how to code SQL? Use my easy to use, comment packed template! ## What does it do? It has some simple...
Scoder12 (808)
Python aiohttp private API template
# Python aiohttp private API template Easily develop powerful, secure APIs with python and aiohttp. ## Features 1. Fast: *Much* faster than flask and...
ChrisTrevarthen (2)
REST API with Spring Boot
I wanted to create a template for simple REST APIs using Java and Spring Boot so that I could collaborate without having to use screen sharing on a de...
adl212 (158)
Using The getkey Module to Make a Search Engine!
## modules used ### getkey module The getkey module in python is used to check which keys are pressed without using `input` in python to ask for user...
potnoodle (6)
clean working scrollbar in the console for python
The title says it all, this is a python template for a scrollbar in the console, with arrow key input. Use the arrow keys to select an item (all four...
DylanBrace (2)
Lucky Number?
What is YOUR lucky number?