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CodeLongAndPros (963)
DLang support
This template adds support for the D programming language. Please see For more info on D.
ammarbinfaisal (8)
sbt repl
I made an sbt repl. Useful until officially introduces scala(sbt) repls. Check this [demo of simple web scraping using scala and java](https:...
GaneshaSharma (5)
Blank repl template
# Ever wanted to create a text repl, markdown repl? Well, this can give you like 40+ more languages! Just fork, and add what you need. > ### Hint: >...
Coder100 (4393)
Node.js Unblocker
# **Node.js Unblocker** ~~Anything python can do, node.js can do 10x better~~ In this case, it is true. We are in fact using the latest version of chr...
TheForArkLD (660)
StackLangSharp Template
Hi everyone. This is template for StackLangSharp. StackLangSharp is Stack-based Reverse polish notation programming language. Written by C#. # **Some...