RayhanADev (1211)
Repl.it Talk GraphQL/API Template
# **NodeJS GraphQL Template** #### *By: RayhanADev* This is a simple NodeJS Template to use Repl.it's API/GraphQL to get information about a user! #...
amasad (3075)
The fastest React.js Starter Template in the world
If you've ever used React.js on Repl.it you probably know how painful it is -- it is slow to start up and the filewatching-updating cycle makes it bug...
ObiVibKenobi (163)
Advanced Discord.JS Bot Template
# DiscordJS bot template ### Only recommended for if you have experience in both DiscordJS and NodeJS ### If you have proficiency in NodeJS but not Di...
AmazingMech2418 (994)
Programming Language Template
# Programming Language Template Have you ever wanted to create your own programming language in Node.JS? If so, this template is right for you! Using...
AnthonyMouse (64)
Server Starter
Here’s a template in NodeJS to help you get started in web dev with back-end!
ironblockhd (412)
Improved signup template
# old features - secure sign up - secure log in - secure remember me - unique salt for every instance # new features - req.loggedIn and req.username i...
MrEconomical (2256)
WebSocket Server Template
# Basic WebSocket Server This is an extension of the HTTP server template I posted earlier that adds a WebSocket server. In the demo I built a very s...
ChezCoder (1582)
Fully Functional Login and Signup System
## When forking this project, don't forget to hash the passwords and replace everything in `database.json` with `{}`. I felt like making a login and...
sojs (262)
A simple template for creating NodeJs RPG games
# Setting Up To set up your dungeon, you need to do 2 very simple things. Number 1: Fork the repl provided. Number 2: run it. Your dungeon is now set...
AmazingMech2418 (994)
Advent of Code Template Node.js
# Advent of Code Template Node.js As you may have learned from @21natzil 's post at https://repl.it/talk/announcements/Advent-of-Code-Sponsorship/815...
EpicGamer007 (1267)
Expressjs + ejs template
Have a new express project with ejs? Then this is the template for you! This hosts all scripts inside the scripts folder at `/scripts/:script` and al...
Hamburgr (6)
Pokemon style game template
Hello Coders! Here is a template of code that I was lazy to finish. This code is based off a code by @Coder100 but in a different language. You can...
retronbv (103)
Express Website Template
I have made a Express Website Template It includes: - HTML CSS navbar - Multiple Pages - Custom FavIcon - Site-wide dark/light mode - 404 Not found p...
kingretracted (30)
The Advanced Discord Template
When I made this I was thinking of how much time is used on the base function of the bot, just to get it up and running. When I made this, I didn't go...
almostStatic (45)
Node.js Discord Bot Template
# Hello People This is a Discord bot starter template I've been working on. Here are some features which it can provide for you: * Command Handling...
ObiVibKenobi (163)
A simple discord.js bot template.
I made a simple discord.js bot template. First, read the instructions in README.md, and then feel free to use the template. It is an extremely basic o...
LOLMcman (68)
MERN Stack Web Application Template
# **MERN Stack Template** The MERN stack is a popular JavaScript tech stack used to create single-page web applications. This template is for jump sta...
AmazingMech2418 (994)
Ultimate Web Template
# Ultimate Web Template Have you ever wanted to easily create a web server with no code needed to create a website? Have you ever wanted to create a...
Coder100 (12749)
Simple EJS Template
# **EJS + Express.js** EJS is a *very* useful templating engine! Use this template whenever you use node.js! ## Features - A fully featured configurat...
LOLMcman (68)
REST API template with Express
# Description This is a simple REST API created with the popular web framework Express. It can perform all CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) operati...
RayhanADev (1211)
Browser JS Repl
Want to make a project in a language that Repl.it discontinued! Look no further: # This is a Browser JS Repl You really can’t do much with a Browser...
Kudos (44)
Typescript/Create-React-App template with npm!
# Create-React-App with Typescript! (and no yarn package manager 😂) Earlier today I was trying to get a Create-React-App project with Typescript on R...
MrEconomical (2256)
Template for Basic React Components
# react is cool Seriously cool. I only learned it last week! Here is a next.js template I made for some basic react components in any site, like the...
eankeen (1501)
Start Testing a Babel Transform Plugin Quickly with Jest!
Boilerplate for setting up a Babel Plugin and testing with Jest. More to be added before end of Template Competition.
tussiez (583)
Node.js Web Server Boilerplate
I frequently see questions asking how to set up Node.js web servers - so here's a template you can use :)
MrEconomical (2256)
Zero-Dependency HTTP Server Template With Routing
# Express-less HTTP server This is the HTTP server template I personally use for all my websites or other projects. Everything in this template I mad...
ApoorvSingal (78)
Nextjs Typescript Template
Setting up typescript is always a pain, especially when different parts of your app require different typescript configurations. Here is a simple next...
AtticusKuhn (240)
JSON storage template
### Inspiration When I see people working with JSON files, they often write the file to a variable, edit the variable, and then write the vriable back...
RayhanADev (1211)
📋 1 File Website w/ Server Template 📋
Ever feel like doing something pretty crazy, yet fun? I suggest making a 1 File Website! Pretty easy, make a fork of the template, change the text in...
sugarfi (602)
Repl Auth Template
Repl Auth is a great way to do authentication without all the hassle of databases and whatnot. This is a simple template for using Repl Auth: you simp...