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ChezCoder (1457)
Make your own console
# HIIII Ok, so, ive been seeing a lot of custom languages these days on repl and have decided to help people make custom intereters (consoles)! Chang...
VulcanWM (1709)
Pickle Log In and Sign Up
Exactly what it says on the title. Thanks to @techgeek680 for the idea and @squidcoder for teaching me how to use pickle.
Codemonkey51 (729)
Template template repost
# What is this? this is a template that you can use for making other templates # How long did this take you to make? About 10-30 minutes # What does...
Zekka (35)
A really good chatbot template!!!!
(see it at ) Hey, look! A little chatbot, just for you!!! (It thinks it's a bat, though.) Go ahead and read...
Zimonze (9)
Python Console Game Template
This is a template for a simple console game in Python. It's best played using the `` link. The game might not work properly in this post. Th...
PYer (3224)
Simple API Template (without API keys)
My two APIs gathered a lot of attention on repl talk, so I decided to create a template for creating a simple one! To keep it simple, I did not includ...
IvanChang111 (10)
python game pattern creation algorithm. (Not finished)
I have FOUR algorithm so far (Now that I have added TWO more). A wave machine, a random one, changing change wave, and growth.
c4syner (56)
Python Discord Bot Template
A simple boiler plate discord bot for python. It has support for `.env` variables and a system to keep the bot alive eternally (without it falling as...
zog1 (14)
Reddit to Twitter bot template for template jam
Here's my submission for the template jam! It's in Python 3 and uses PRAW to read submissions from a subreddit, and uses Tweepy to tweet information f...
21natzil (1091)
Disco-py (NOT bot template + extra features!
# Disco-py bot template! This is a working bot that is set up and ready to be used as a template. You will need to learn how to use disco-py, not dis...
ShivankChhaya (66)
Here is a Template!
Use this template to make and add whatever you want! If you are going to share it, make sure to give credit!!!!!!!
rediar (298)
Bottle Template (micro Python Web Framework)
This is my submission for the template jam. Bottle is a micro python web framework for small scale web applications. It can be used to build web appli...
ssebastianoo (8)
Login with Discord Template
A Python Flask app that makes people login with Discord using OAUTH2 lib.
Scoder12 (473)
Python aiohttp private API template
# Python aiohttp private API template Easily develop powerful, secure APIs with python and aiohttp. ## Features 1. Fast: *Much* faster than flask and...
xolyon (333)
Basic Python RPG template
I saw tons of cool utility and advanced stuff on python here so I decided to make something I see a lot on here... This is a basic skeleton for an RP...
JordanDixon1 (305)
OS Template for Jam
This is a Template of the OS module in python. It will teach you how to use OS and the many things you can do with it! If you have any questions leave...
IreTheKID (274)
PyPi Package Template
# Python Packaging Template --- ##### My first submission for Template Jam! This is a simple template I created for those who want to create a Pytho...
CoolJames1610 (467)
Load and Save Template with MongoDB
# {{ Template_jam }} This is my submission. I've tried to create a template for a simple save and load system using MongoDB Evidence of this is at...
kankyo (2)
Template for iommi
iommi is a high level framework on top of Django that enabled extremely rapid development of traditional web apps.
Maxwarlock1101 (2)
My RPG (that kinda sucks)
Here is a base plate for an RPG inspired by UNDERTALE (I love Undertale). My base plate sucks though, I added a brand-new, never-before-seen SURROUNDI...
PDanielY (976)
Audio Template
# Introduction recently added audio to repls. The repl demonstrates a way to add audio to your repl with python but you can do it with any lan...
Kai_Justice (184)
Text RPG template
**Have you ever wanted to make a text RPG and also use someone else's code as a reference but you don't want to code in that programming language or u...
sugarfi (493)
Simple Lexer and Parser Template
This is a simple lexer and parser template I made using sly, a library for parsing. You can easily extend it to create your own programming language!
xolyon (333)
Basic 2D console game Template!
a template for python console games with maps and scenes in which you can move around tutorial:
Aloeb83 (46)
Python Linear Regression Template
This is a basic Linear Regression template for Machine Learning.
CarlosRosiles (67)
Actual permanent data
Ever tried in Python how to store permanent data with pickle and all that? Well, the answer is much simpler. It does not even need a module. Sign up i...
VrajPatel18 (0)
E - Tamboal
[invite link removed by moderator] see this link it is of E - Tambola use it and say in comment how it is and plz don't edit the code
XanderEhlert (131)
Python Parser Template
This is part of my parser that I used for one of my games. Technically, this is not an actual parser, but a lexer. ### **For those of you who don't...
CoolJames1610 (467)
How to use Tweepy in Python! TEMPLATE
Find the tutorial for this template [here]( Running the project won't work Thanks @Co...
nithilan4 (242)
Python Reddit API Template
This template uses PRAW, a wrapper for the Reddit API written in Python.