ramdom111 (0)
Five nights at Freddy remake
Add comments if it doesn’t work
IndyRishi (147)
20 question quiz template
Replace "definition" and "word" with your terms. Run it and it should work.
DanielHariskov (0)
Cool Repl
This is a fun, interactive repl to play around with. Let me know if you like it or if it has any bugs!
PikaChew1337 (1)
Discord.py Bot Template
# DISCORD.PY BOT TEMPLATE Have you ever wanted to make your own discord bot? Well, if you do, then use this template! It just gives you a sample embed...
JonathanChayna (15)
Atbash Cipher
This is an atbash cipher tool.
ArjunDaCoderr (2)
um timer app type in the integer for example 1 it does not compensate with hours and minutes, just seconds but you can type how many seconds there wou...
programer13459 (0)
password generator
this is a password generator not very complex.
srivanth0 (1)
Time slots
Hey Hi this is srivanth and I have created a time slot booker fot yoga.
srivanth0 (1)
Attendence checker
He hi myself srivanth and I am 11 years old and I have created an attendence checker.
DaylnCode (1)
Discord.py template
watch this bot and see it grow bigggersss
JBloves27 (1523)
# A FULLY FUNCTIONAL PYTHON TEXT EDITOR! ##### A template. ## Intro #### So this was originally a share, but I edited it a bit to make it a template!...
iant86919 (0)
Its Just a simple Rock Paper Scissors. Maybe you can add better stuff than what i made :D I suck :( so yea. Try make it better You can create Better A...
LeviathanCoding (39)
Hey ya Flask Dudes! Here's a Flask Account/Login template!
The Flask Login template comes with a database, a login, signup, and even a basic user profile page. You can create a ton of accounts, log in and out...
defaults (0)
Story game
You can create a story with this
Torencodes (1)
Become a millionaire and get moneyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy lots of it
SigurdGigacole (0)
Make your own randomizer
Easy template with up to 25 players
IntellectualGuy (378)
War Game Template
Hi this is a small war game template that I made using python. I hope you use it when you make your next game. # Enjoy
JonathanChayna (15)
BMI calculator
Enter your weight and height and know if you are underweight, overweight or healthy.
DaylnCode (1)
Moderator commands discord python
Here some moderator commands python
UnlimitedBlades (0)
Python API
Simple api made in python as a template
Hillo232 (10)
Contact API With Python
Contact API in python using the requests library. In the first example, we use headers which tells the website you are authorized. Some websites don't...
Dunce (25)
Text based game template
# Introduction Hello this is something I originally posted on the share board a while back, that I thought would be better suited here. I noticed al...
JBloves27 (1523)
Multiple Python Login Systems!
# A Login system template! ##### Created by me --- ## About #### This is a template for a login system. This was specifically made for people that ne...
2plus2is4hoi (85)
OS Encryption, Login, Clear, Log, Debug, Account Template
# OS System This can be customized to work in all ways depending on variation of the functions
2plus2is4hoi (85)
OS System Login Template
# OS System This is an OS System Login Template using python. You can save your password in the accounts.txt file
JBloves27 (1523)
Python Chatting Template!
# A ~~fully functional~~ Python Chatting Template! ##### Made by @JBYT27 (me) ## About #### I made this for others who have wanted to code a chatting...
beartam12345 (2)
🤖 Python Template 🤖
This is a python template. It is useful for beginners to intermediate. It gives cool and useful functions such as colors, text alterations (italics, u...
Dart (1145)
Simple discord.py bot template!
So I was browsing around the templates when I noticed the lack of a simple discord.py bot template so here I give you: ## Darts discord.py bot starte...
AverseABFun (13)
Python package uploading software
Follow the comments in it to use it.
mollthecoder (15)
Polygot template
This is my simple polygot template that combines node.js, python3, and C++. It runs in the order of: Node -> Python -> c++ compilation -> c++ executio...