Hillo232 (9)
Contact API With Python
Contact API in python using the requests library. In the first example, we use headers which tells the website you are authorized. Some websites don't...
Dunce (6)
Text based game template
# Introduction Hello this is something I originally posted on the share board a while back, that I thought would be better suited here. I noticed al...
Just Add Music Bot 101 On Public
So music bot 101 is just and easy bot and its made for new coders like me and the functions is just basics try it now!
Instagram Chat Bot in JS
well its nothing much, just a combination of insta-js library and Chat bot API
JBYT27 (1284)
Multiple Python Login Systems!
# A Login system template! ##### Created by me --- ## About #### This is a template for a login system. This was specifically made for people that ne...
Zavexeon (1132)
Advanced Discord.js Bot Template (With database and extensions!)
## Advanced Modular Discord.js Bot Tempate ### Introduction So for a while now I've been working on a bot named Lilac2. I built I really in depth base...
2plus2is4hoi (45)
OS Encryption, Login, Clear, Log, Debug, Account Template
# OS System This can be customized to work in all ways depending on variation of the functions
2plus2is4hoi (45)
OS System Login Template
# OS System This is an OS System Login Template using python. You can save your password in the accounts.txt file
GavinMutzman (0)
A classic fighting gun game and it's multiplayer
GavinMutzman (0)
Multiplayer Tag
A multiplayer tag were the blue sqaure is the tagger and the red are other people playing
GavinMutzman (0)
A simple but fun game to play without dying
programmeruser (434)
UEFI Assembly Template
This is a UEFI Assembly Template.
GavinMutzman (0)
3D Rainbow Animation
It's a moving interactive rainbow
tavikohn (1)
Cargo Template for Rust
This template automatically creates and runs a cargo project, making Rust's excellent crate repository available for your REPLs.
JBYT27 (1284)
Python Chatting Template!
# A ~~fully functional~~ Python Chatting Template! ##### Made by @JBYT27 (me) ## About #### I made this for others who have wanted to code a chatting...
SomeBall45 (1)
Simple API
A Template of Simple API, Simple api is a beginner class api
programmeruser (434)
FLTK (C++ GUI library) Template
After several months I've finally gotten a GUI library to work on repl.it. The library that is used in the repl below is [FLTK (Fast Light Toolkit)](h...
Whacko (283)
Simple About Me Website Template!
This is my simple about me website template! It's taken one whole day to make and a *lot* of CSS. Fork this repl and make it your own!
Snickdx (2)
Materialize CSS Template
# Materialize CSS Template A HTML boilerplate tempalte with [Materialze CSS](https://materializecss.com/) ![materialize.snickdx.repl.co_index.html](...
beartam12345 (2)
🤖 Python Template 🤖
This is a python template. It is useful for beginners to intermediate. It gives cool and useful functions such as colors, text alterations (italics, u...
tussiez (595)
Node.js Web Server Boilerplate
I frequently see questions asking how to set up Node.js web servers - so here's a template you can use :)
guywhovian (1)
NodeJS Template
I'm amazing fools, use it but please give credit, I'm quite particular about that kind of thing
JaydenSavarinat (13)
C++ Form Template
# This form template can create, access, and delete data all controlled by you. # Menu `1. Input Data` `2. Access Data` `3. Delete Data`
firegamer2543 (2)
bot template
this is a bot template already coded but you do have to change the bot token in the config.json file and the prefixe also in the config.json but other...
EpicGamer007 (1282)
Expressjs + ejs template
Have a new express project with ejs? Then this is the template for you! This hosts all scripts inside the scripts folder at `/scripts/:script` and al...
DartZII (997)
Simple discord.py bot template!
So I was browsing around the templates when I noticed the lack of a simple discord.py bot template so here I give you: ## Darts discord.py bot starte...
programmeruser (434)
RISC-V Assembly Template with RARS
This is an assembly template for RISC-V, created with [RARS](https://github.com/TheThirdOne/rars). This is like the [NASM assembly template](https://r...
darkdarcool (50)
Profile Template
# Profile Template! Everyone needs a **profile**. If you don't have one, it will be hard for people to find info about you. Like what skills you have...
bedolpab000 (7)
JavaScript Password Generator
Here's a small program i made with JavaScript that generates definite passwords *not random*. ___________________________________________ How to use...
adsarebbbad (213)
Module JS template
Just a quick template to easily start coding in Module JS. (there isn't much code in here, btw)