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SpaceFire (90)
DiscordPy Template
# Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls ##### oh and that talking cactus # I present to you a DiscordPy template Features: - Flask Server to keep it a...
alan0505 (0)
Buttons and moving
this is a starter to make objects move and a animated button.
ZeeMan (2)
Template for a Text Based Game.
This can help people to create a text-based game.
adl212 (64)
Using The getkey Module to Make a Search Engine!
## modules used ### getkey module The getkey module in python is used to check which keys are pressed without using `input` in python to ask for user...
alan0505 (0)
Type box and button starting with a slide of a sheet
You will use typing boxes and buttons to make a wonderful world of your repl thanks to the community
CoolJames1610 (536)
How to use Tweepy in Python! TEMPLATE
Find the tutorial for this template [here]( Running the project won't work Thanks @Co...
VrajPatel18 (0)
E - Tamboal
[invite link removed by moderator] see this link it is of E - Tambola use it and say in comment how it is and plz don't edit the code
IvanChang111 (11)
python game pattern creation algorithm. (Not finished)
I have FOUR algorithm so far (Now that I have added TWO more). A wave machine, a random one, changing change wave, and growth.
AtticusKuhn (236)
JSON storage template
### Inspiration When I see people working with JSON files, they often write the file to a variable, edit the variable, and then write the vriable back...
JS quiz template
This repl is a quiz game template in Javascript (not Java) language. I checked and confirmed that there is no mistake in the repl. Please 'fork' and t...
CodeLongAndPros (920)
DLang support
This template adds support for the D programming language. Please see For more info on D.
johnstev111 (266)
Start a game in C#!
"HahaNo™" - Copyright Firefish company, stolen from @HahaYes and @DynamicSquid This is a simple template to make an easy game! Inspired by @Bookie0 '...
ironblockhd (79)
Easy writing animated text
I've made a script that animates writing text for a 404 page on a certain new repl im working on, i thought that maybe someone else has interest in us...
CodeLongAndPros (920)
Perl template
This is a template that runs PERL without a ton of `install-pkg` overhead. Very simple, I know.
NeilYe (5)
Everythong a bank needs, though, I can't shelve items, hope you all have better luck than me!
amasad (2407)
The fastest React.js Starter Template in the world
If you've ever used React.js on you probably know how painful it is -- it is slow to start up and the filewatching-updating cycle makes it bug...
CarlosRosiles (106)
Actual permanent data
Ever tried in Python how to store permanent data with pickle and all that? Well, the answer is much simpler. It does not even need a module. Sign up i...
coderash (263)
A html Template
I noticed that when you have a blank html file, and click examples, there's nothing! I created this very simple template that hopefully someone at the...
CodeLongAndPros (920)
A NASM template that runs in ~10s!
After seeing a lot of people using `install-pkg` to use NASM, I decided to make a template. tl;dr: I compiled it with no custom flags on x64 This on...
CodeSalvageON (515)
Social Media Template
A Primitive example of a social media website.
EitanAlperstein (3)
99 Bottles of Pop on the Wall - C++ Version
# 99 Bottles of Pop on the Wall ### C++ Version I have recreated (with the collaboration of the [Codecademy For Loop Course](
VulcanWM (1825)
Pickle Log In and Sign Up
Exactly what it says on the title. Thanks to @techgeek680 for the idea and @squidcoder for teaching me how to use pickle.
TheForArkLD (618)
StackLangSharp Template
Hi everyone. This is template for StackLangSharp. StackLangSharp is Stack-based Reverse polish notation programming language. Written by C#. # **Some...
Zekka (38)
A really good chatbot template!!!!
(see it at ) Hey, look! A little chatbot, just for you!!! (It thinks it's a bat, though.) Go ahead and read...
erinlol (11)
hey everyone this is my new app i just posted, im learning about vr more than coding but both is fun, i really love it!!!:)
coderash (263)
Personal Projects Site.
With a growing community of coders, more and more want to showcase their projects in a better way, so I've created a template for a personal site, to...
EitanAlperstein (3)
Phaser.js Game Starter
# Phaser.js Boilerplate *HTML Script tag Other links **Phaser Rocks!**
ChezCoder (1467)
Make your own console
# HIIII Ok, so, ive been seeing a lot of custom languages these days on repl and have decided to help people make custom intereters (consoles)! Chang...
dfnk (32)
A download template, to download a file on most browsers!
real time updating text
this is a very simple program that will update the html on the website in real-time as you type it. you could use it as a template for an effect on a...