AmazingMech2418 (940)
Advent of Code Template Node.js
# Advent of Code Template Node.js As you may have learned from @21natzil 's post at
Kudos (34)
Typescript/Create-React-App template with npm!
# Create-React-App with Typescript! (and no yarn package manager 😂) Earlier today I was trying to get a Create-React-App project with Typescript on R...
JeremiahSaunder (4)
Google Blockly Template - Turn blocks to code
Have you ever used Scratch, Microsoft Makecode or They are all made with Google Blockly! You can now make your own services like this! A gu...
DominicHuieWhit (15)
test template
a template for a test, copy and paste lines 5 through 14 to add questions, don't forget to change the variable names XD
Twss2020 (0)
Discord Delivery
Discord Delivery Discord Delivery Discord Delivery Discord Delivery Discord Delivery Discord Delivery Discord Delivery Discord Delivery
DylanBrace (1)
ChristopherGREY (0)
what about the song with the weeknd
the queens are lit the queens have no quit
DominicHuieWhit (15)
test template
a template, for a test. idk what else to say here, its that simple. upvotes are appreciated
janavishappy (10)
🧮A calculator that's easy to add functions to💻
Hi, Replers (Is that fine? 😵), This is my strangely coded calculator... again. I posted this in share too but I thought that it would be a good temp...
AfroCoder (0)
A customizable website with support for node.js
This is just an empty website but it has support for nodejs so you can run nodejs on a visit using express which is already set up. There are configg...
YashPimpalshend (3)
Python Market Billing Template
This is a Python Market Billing Template ( without colors ) I have used ASCII Art for the images displayed you can edit the rest BTW I Just Turned 13...
YashPimpalshend (3)
Random Number Generator (Python) WRITTEN VERSION OF A LIBRARY
use this code to declare a variable with random value :-TO MAKE A VARIABLE WITH RANDOM VALUE ,USE THIS LINE OF CODE :- x = randint(#least value, #hig...
ObiVibKenobi (13)
Advanced Discord.JS Bot Template
# DiscordJS bot template ### Only recommended for if you have experience in both DiscordJS and NodeJS ### If you have proficiency in NodeJS but not Di...
brennanmcdaniel (2)
ROM: chapter 1
this is an interactive of a novel I'm writing.
Tinkercad10112 (0)
Website Starter - Template
This is a simple Website template for those who are new to coding. You can add whatever you want. I love using templates so I though ¨Why not make one...
ObiVibKenobi (13)
A simple discord.js bot template.
I made a simple discord.js bot template. First, read the instructions in, and then feel free to use the template. It is an extremely basic o...
DylanBrace (1)
Lucky Number?
What is YOUR lucky number?
Coolmath (2)
Gamercon is a website work in progress that has browser game links
brennanmcdaniel (2) (that was not a real link)
hello im new to coding......... 51K3 1m 4 Pr0 4t C0D1NG
Felixelgato0235 (0)
10 U.S.A States Flags and Name Info
All credits go to britanica and arizona
RohilPatel (1413)
Ejs using HTML file setup
Hey with this u can render a html file as a ejs, to get the nicer syntax.
RayhanADev (797)
Browser JS Repl
Want to make a project in a language that discontinued! Look no further: # This is a Browser JS Repl You really can’t do much with a Browser...
RayhanADev (797) Talk GraphQL/API Template
# **NodeJS GraphQL Template** #### *By: RayhanADev* This is a simple NodeJS Template to use's API/GraphQL to get information about a user! #...
blogspot (10)
Tools Colors Converter
This tool functions to convert text input to simulated image colors. The results of the color that you input will be converted into 6 types, namely:...
Adidf (1)
Basic template to work with [Prettierjs](, [Eslint]( & [Typescript]( in Repl....
RyanCheung1 (0)
Money Clicker Game
I created a money clicker game, try to click the button till you are the richest in town. we have added auto clicker's too. hope you like it!
kanha3patel (0)
Guess a number
Guess a number from 1-100 in less than 10 try good luck. Hope you enjoy.🌸🌺
My determination is my success
AbuIbra (4)
My first working program in python
... ... ... ... ....
MisaelZaldivar (2)
chat room
a chat room that i made