New to programming? Build a simple blog using this HTML/CSS template. Add posts and remix the styles!
Personal Blog SiteHTML, CSS, JS
A template for the landing page of your e-commerce site using Bootstrap, a popular HTML/CSS/JS library.
Bootstrap E-Commerce SiteHTML, CSS, JS
Start building dynamic web pages using a minimal Python server framework called Flask with templates and dynamic pages
Multi-Page Flask TemplatePython
Written in phaser.js, use the arrow keys to control the square. Add more to this repl to make it a game!
Phaser.js Game StarterHTML, CSS, JS
Get started with 3D animations using p5.js and Object Orientation.
3D Animations with p5.jsHTML, CSS, JS
Write Processing in Java using processing.js. Edit the .java file to get started. Share the web URL!
Java Processing using Processing.jsHTML, CSS, JS
The ultimate trifecta - React, Babel, and Webpack - complete with hot module reloading and a webpack dev server.
React.js + Babel + Webpack BoilerplateNodejs
A simple example of a discord bot using Node.js. Includes instructions for setting up your .env file.
Discord Bot StarterNodejs
A-Frame is a web VR framework - create your own VR environments and games. More examples on
A-Frame StarterHTML, CSS, JS
Write Python Processing using Brython + P5.js. This demo creates bubbles that follows your mouse!
Python ProcessingHTML, CSS, JS
Simple starter template for creating a VueJS application.
VueJS StarterHTML, CSS, JS
Render 3D objects using the popular Three.js library.
3D Rendering with Three.jsHTML, CSS, JS
A simple animation using p5.js. Move your mouse around to move the green circle!
p5.js Interactive AnimationHTML, CSS, JS
Written in p5.js, use the arrow keys to control the square. Add more to this repl to make it a game!
p5.js Game StarterHTML, CSS, JS